Keys to the Finnish literature field – How to work as a professional writer in Finland?

Fri 20.2.2015 klo 16.00 – 18.00
Free entrance
Kokoushuone 1 / Caisa
Mikonkatu 17 C / Vuorikatu 14, Helsinki

Keys to the Finnish literature field – How to work as a professional writer in Finland?

There is a growing group of writers living in Finland who write in other languages than Finnish, Swedish or Saame. In “Keys to the Finnish Literature Field” meeting representatives of literature field organizations discuss of their focuses now and in future. Welcome to share your thoughts and wishes – to build together the new Finnish literature! Event is organized by Cultural Centre Caisa in collaboration with Sivuvalo-hanke.

Guest speakers:
Ulla Arkoma, producer, Reading Center. An association promoting reading and literature.

Karola Baran, managing director. The Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters. A non-profit professional body that aims at fostering professionalism and quality in translation and interpreting.

Sonia Meltti, jurist, The Union of Finnish Writers. Monitors and develop the artistic, professional, and financial interests of its member writers, as well as promotes Finnish literature.

Juha Pihlajaniemi, jurist, Sanasto. A Finnish copyright society that promotes, supervises and manages the rights of literary copyright holders in Finland and abroad.

Laura Serkosalo, managing director, Nuoren voiman liitto. NVL´s mainly focuses on supporting creative writing and encouraging ambitious writers of all ages in their craft.

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