During its three years of activities, Sivuvalo visits schools, libraries, literature festivals, universities and other spaces that have an interest to know about this multilingual and transcultural literature project.

Sivuvalo has gathered a valuable visual material of its traditional Multimedia Poetry Nights that it is specially relevant to share in every visit in order to show that it is not a problem to deal with more than 4 languages on stage. In the last Multimedia Poetry Nights Sivuvalo has been presenting poetry in Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian, Arab, Spanish and Burmese. Sivuvalo is breaking a language taboo.

Sivuvalo has also registers of its workshops to make Cartonero books and discussions on the rights and visibility of authors that dont write in dominant languages in Finland.

With this visits Sivuvalo expects to create awareness that it is time to redefine the concept of the Finnish literature scene considering language issues.

It aims to draw the attention of the Finnish literary institutions and cultural policy makers to realize that this is an issue of equality. Writers and poets living in Finland and writing in languages other than the country’s official ones, should have the same rights and possibilities that the authors writing in Finnish and Swedish have.



Kirja Irti Kirjallisuusfestivaali  Turku


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