Distribution of Crisis | 14–22.4.2016

Distribution of Crisis

Distribution of Crisis, is a group exhibition where we try to somehow relate art works to the migrant crisis, and to the media pictures the crisis creates.

How do we read the media pictures? How do the artists react to the crisis? Artists who just watch the crisis from a so called safe position, and artists who are or have been more directly a part of the migration.

In cooperation with the Swedish-Finnish newspaper NyTid, it also will arrange an evening event (open for all) in the exhibition space, on Friday 15th of April at 7 p.m., with some discussion with some of the participating artists, Frank Johansson, director at Amnesty International, currently on sabbatical writing a book, Hanna Weselius, lecturer at Aalto University, Programme in Photography, and Lasse Garoff from NyTid as moderator, about media pictures and art works as distributors of crisis, and also live music with Mad Ice (acoustic duo), poetry with Aya Chalabee, in cooperation with Sivuvalo and a performance by Sepideh Rahaa.

  • Iraqian writer and poet Aya Chalabee  has published her works in diverse Middle East literature magazines.

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Photo: Rosamaría Bolom

Aya Chalabee

Artists taking part in the exhibition:
Kalle Hamm + Dzamil Kamanger will show a new, not yet in Finland shown part of their artwork Working for Free Mobility; Kamanger’s newest passport-works and Hamm’s videos and pictures of these being made as performances in a couple of interesting, sensitive places in Europe.

Nayab Ikram takes part with her video In Between where this young woman, who grew up in the Åland Island but has her roots in Pakistan, uses her long dark hair to reflect on her cultural identities.

Nina-Maria Oförsagd is a Finnish media artist, who wishes to observe the society and culture from a critical viewpoint. For this show, with her series Aerodynamic air force, she has been investigating media pictures from the Syrian war from different viewpoints, changing them to find out how we read the pictures.

Sepideh Rahaa is an Iranian artist currently based in Helsinki, who contributes with a multimedia installation called Marriage and Pleasure relevant to her own experience by living in two different societies. She is exploring the significance of individual’s presence in different cultural and socio-political circumstances.

Magdalena Åberg is first of all a painter (aberg.fi), who, when the migrant crisis grew closer to northern Europe last August, felt a need to try painting some reactions to this, and after some efforts she did a series of paintings called Fences. As a Finn and a European, she is a part of Fort Europe whether she likes it or not, how does that feel?

The art works will be for sale, with 25% provision to the Red Cross.

For more information, please contact:
Nina-Maria Oförsagd (nm@oforsagd.com)
0407151170 Magdalena Åberg (magdalena@aberg.fi) 040 515 6845