Nordic Literatures in Change and Exchange


Nolitch X, Nordic Literatures in Change and Exchangeis a literary project with the objective to create networks of immigrant language writers in the Nordic region supported by the Nordic Culture Fund, Nordic Culture Point and Malmö Stad.


Nolitch X project is a Nordic initiative held associations, working groups and individual writers from Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Sweden. The Malmö based association Tre Tärningar is the coordinating host of the project in collaboration with Sivuvalo in Helsinki, Red Door Gallery and cultural producer and poet Éfrin González in Copenhagen, and independent writer Mazen Maarouf in Reykjavik. The project aims to make visible the presence and work of immigrant language writers in the Nordic countries through a series of activities during 2017: literary readings, networking, translations, publications and research.

The project wants to establish networks and collaborations of different kind to strengthen the position of immigrant language writers in the national and Nordic literary fields, to improve their conditions as professional writers and their possibilities to meet readers in the geographical area where they reside. Nolitch X also aims to publish anthologies with immigrant language writers, and to help to obtain translations into the main languages of the Nordic region. Nolitch X, as the name implies when you read it out loud, has the ambition to make known the unknown treasures of Nordic Literature: the literature written in immigrant languages, the Knowledge X.

nolitch-x_-fragment-banner-largeA vital part of the project are the multimedia literary readings, invented by Mexican poet Daniel Malpica, member of Sivuvalo in the Finnish delegation, who currently resides in Helsinki. The multimedia readings offer a new visual and sound language to break new ground for the literature of immigrant languages for it to reach new audiences.

Nolitch X will make a mapping of immigrant language writers in Sweden, a continuation of one that has already been made by Sivuvalo in Finland. The ambition is to continue the mapping of immigrant language writers in Denmark, Iceland and Norway in a second phase of the project.