Multilingual Creative Writing Workshop – gallery

Moments of the Multilingual Creative Writing Workshop that took place last 18.01.2017 in Helsinki, Finland, organised thanks to the cooperation between Building Bridges project, the Artists’ and Writers’ Association Kiila and Sivuvalo.

The workshop was masterfully conducted by Andy Willoughby and Bob Beagrie  both guest poets, and senior lectureres in creative writing at Teesside University (U.K) and directors of Ek Zuban Press and Building Bridges project and by Finnish poet and writer Kalle Niinikangas  chairman of Kiila. We have to give special thanks to poet and designer Zoila Forss who coordinated this workshop representing Sivuvalo.

Active participation of poets, writers and artists such as Muhaned Durubi, Polina Kopylova, Ye Yint Thet Zwe, Zoila Forss, Farzaneh Hatami, Jaime Culebro, Támara Aalto and Maria Nowacka.

Building Bridges is aim to lay foundations for a project involving a larger international / national networks of poets working in response to the movement of peoples.

After the workshop participants join to Asemalla / At the Station a poetry event where poets Andy Willoughby, Bob Beagrie, Zoila Forss, Kasper Salonen, Kalle Niinikangas between others performed their poetry accompanied by the improvised music of Masi Hukari, Jussi Villgren  and Sergio Castrillón.


Photo: Zoila Forss