NolitchX: The Unknown Knowledge of Multilingual Nordic Literature


NolitchX, abbreviation for Nordic Literatures in Change and Exchange, is a new literary project at Nordic level, with the objective of forming networks and collaborations to allow nordic literature written in immigrant languages(1) visible through translations, multimedia literary events, publications and workshops.

As the name of the project states, NolitchX suggests, when pronounced out loud, the work of writers in immigrant languages is an unknown or undiscovered knowledge, the knowledge X, of the literature in Nordic countries. According to NolitchX, it is now time to reformulate the concept of “Nordic Literature”, integrating literatures written in other languages.

Due to the different types of migration, the group of writers of immigrant languages in the Nordic region becomes larger, but the established structures of the national litertures don’t often take this into account. Political cultures, highly focused on the concept of the official language of each country as a base…

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