Razan Abou Askar 

Razan 5 Razan Abou Askar is a Palestinian-Finnish independent artist living in Helsinki. Her studies of English Language and Literature, as well as a love for art, which runs in the family, reinforced her artistic interests, especially in terms of writing and performance art. Growing up abroad and having been born to a family who emigrated from Palestine to the Middle East and Europe long ago, Razan explores in different ways what it means, emotionally and psychologically, to be caught in between these different worlds. The quest for individual liberty and contemporary women’s socio-cultural circumstances are some of the issues inspiring her to write a number of short stories and poetry. Photo: Sepideh Rahaa
  strip  strip the outer layer I want to strip and not feel naked or vulnerable peel the skin that smells like reproval I want soul I want heart see this body go mural strip the thought of shame I want to strip away my name cover skin with soil and cause turmoil in this game called blame strip the borders drawn around an earth bound to nations mistaking unity for infantry confusing “normativeness” for “naturalness” enemies or neighbours —selfsame turning of tables strip the socialisation into maleness and femaleness I want to strip me and wear you till we become undifferentiated till I no longer need to strip to be naked with you

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