Satakieliklubi 2018

Mosaiikkitori 2, 00980 Helsinki

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On its 4th edition Satakieliklubi is coming back at Vuotalo’s concert hall full of poetry, design and sound art. The event is a multimedia and multilingual experience which involves professional international writers, musicians and artists residing in the Nordic region. This year we will have special guests coming form St Petersburg, Copenhaguen and Stockholm.

Satakieliklubi has proudly received professional authors, artists and musicians from 20 different nationalities writing in more than 10 languages. An unprecedented event that you cannot miss.

Organiser, concept and production design:
Daniel Malpica (Mexico-Helsinki), Mutanttikieltä and Kulttuuri Helsinki (Vuotalo).



Olga Jitlina

Is a contemporary artist, working with language, poetry and fiction born in Leningrad in 1982. She graduated from The University of Jewish Studies in philology; and from the Russian Academy of Art in theory and history of art. In 2015 she received the Hans und Lea Grundig-Preise and in 2012 she was awarded with the CEE Young Artist’s Prize.


Mehdi Ghasemi

– Mehdi Ghasemi (Iran-Tampere)

PhD from the English Department at the University of Turku. He is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Tampere, working on a project, entitled “Toward a More Inclusive and Comprehensive Finnish Literature.” He has already published four scholarly books, twelve papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals in addition to two fiction books, entitled Flight to Finland: A Noveramatry and How I Became A Finn: A Noveramatry in the form of noveramatry (a combination of novel, drama and poetry all in one line on the issue of immigration). He is now writing his third noveramatry, entitled Blurring Finnish-Russian Border: A Noveramatry.

Kawther abuhHani
Kawther AbuHani

Poet and writer born in 1989 in Gaza/ Palestine and currently residing in Sweden. She studied Arabic language and literature. Her short stories are taught at Al-Aqsa University in Palestine. Some of her texts have been translated into German, Spanish and English. She publishes her texts in Arabic newspapers, but mostly on her blogs in Arabic and English.



Efrin Gonzalez
– Éfrin González (1980, Guatemala-Copenhagen)

Poet, short fiction writer and technology specialist. He is an independent cultural manager and founder of the Copenhagen Literature Festival in 2013, which in 2015 introduced the Aurora Boreal publishing house and the Faculty of Romance, English and German Languages of the University of Copenhagen, a group that has since organized the festival. Efrin has been living in Denmark since 2010. Since 2013, he has been in contact with cultural and academic institutions from a civic-political standpoint with a cultural focus, and that is where he deals with Copenhagen’s spaces in order to develop cultural events with artists from different disciplines, countries and languages.

Oliver Whitehead (England-Helsinki)

Oliver Whitehead is a media artist and poet from England who has lived and worked in Helsinki, Finland since 1971. He worked as director of the Media Department in the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki from 1991–97. Whitehead is a versatile and multidisciplinary artist. He moves comfortably within painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, film and video, often applying a combination of the techniques. More recently he has been working with Finnish guitarrist P-K Keränen in a project that combines poetry, sound and performance. He has exhibited in Finland and abroad.


Natallia Castrillón (Harp / Colombia) and Romulus C (Electronic Music / Romania)

Visuals: Jaime Culebro (Mexico-Helsinki);
Host: Kasper Salonen (Helsinki).