Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo

Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo is a writer, poet, protest musician, and human rights defender from Zimbabwe. He is a resident of Safe Haven Helsinki an artist residency organized by Perpetuum Mobile ry and Helsinki International Artist Program.

Government of Thieves

(Dedicated to the suffering mass in the Republic of Zimbabwe)

They came holding their rifles
Camouflaged in their tattered military fatigue
Fighting the colonial oppressor was their aim
Equality!Justice! Freedom to the people
We all sang in support of the revolution
Little did we know
All they wanted were the keys to the national treasury
Thieves masquerading as liberators
You betrayed the people’s revolution
Kleptocrats hiding behind Pan Africanism
How long shall you continue to bleed Zimbabwe dry?

Where is the freedom you promised?
We were in colonial chains
You came and tightened the shackles
Fattening your pockets with spoils from the national purse
Smoke of your corruption has saturated the atmosphere
You water your flowers with our tears
Shamelessly oppressing your own kith and kin
Cry my beloved Zimbabwe
A regime at war with its own people
Shame on you government of thieves.

Lost in the world of sorrow

Lost in the world of sorrow
Tears trimming down their pale cheeks
The pain of saying good bye to the land of your birth
Fleeing the meaningless wars
Caused by egos and gluttony of politicians
Heading to a foreign land where humiliation awaits
Who cares about the lamentations of a refugee?
Painted with the same brush of criminality they cry
Who believes the horrifying tales of the wars they survived?
A slice of bread and a safe shelter is all they yearn for
As they continue to wander getting lost in the world of sorrow
and wretchedness

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