Yassen Ghaleb Aldhadi

Yaseen Ghaleb Aldhadi, is an Iraqi writer who is currently based in Helsinki, Finland since 2015. In 2005 he graduated as Bachelor of English Arts from the University of Basra, Iraq. Yassen is a writer of prose, articles and poetry. He is interested in pursuing dramatic writing. Yassen is member of Finnish writers associations as Kiila ry, Suomen Pen, Uudenmaan Kirjoittajat ry, Teksti ry and Nuoren Voiman Liitto.
Recently he got a grant from Taike to write his first novel.

Photo: Zoila Forss


Who are You? who am I?

The first  and last poem,
I am
you have to read
The first or last port, I am
You have to sail ahead
proudly, as ship
flagged by my name
Fly away of your sky,
But be closer of my thirsty eye,
Fly far as much as you are far of my lands
South, south, towards your inner sun
When you arrive
Waive by your soul such as Sinking hands

Who are you?
Who are you?
A wounded unheard
A wine as nerd
A cloud as bird

I am  a word
write me down
On papers of wind
I am a light
keep me hide in your missing heart 
I am  a debt of fateful mind

Who are you?  
Image as a mirror
No one knows
As fake as true
as life as hard
As face of half dark
Half light
Who are you?
A silver as iron
A death as birth
A crystal as glass
An orbit as age
Who are you?
Escaped star
Out of universe
No one to catch
So far
So far
as you to you
As me to me

Who are you?
moon reflection
on mud,
rude as Life
Who are you
A Wheat  grain up on calf head,
A lust smoked on half bed


Who am I?
My voice and ears
My words and deeds
My starts and endless

Who am I?
My helmet
My scare 
My song
My ink
My sight
My blindness
My sword
My weakness
My right
My wrong
My own
My king
My existing
My being.

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