Baltic Humanoids

( suomi )

Baltic Humanoids / Itämeren ihmiseläimet
Thursday, November 26, 2020, 18:00-20:00,
Oodi Central Library, Helsinki

Organised by: Noxlit /Sivuvalo
NOXLit is supported by Nordisk kulturfond, Swedish Art Council and Nordisk kulturkontakt

Description: Poets residing in Nordic and Baltic countries will read poetry in their original and in Finnish and Spanish translation. The reading will be interspersed with a discussion on the current state of poetry in Finnish, Swedish, Russian, and Spanish. A special attention will be allotted to the symbolic function of bodies, animals, objects, and landscapes in poetry, as new modes of social critique and of describing an ongoing planetary transformation

+ Moderator: José Luis Rico 

Featuring: Kati Neuvonen (Finland,author of Naku, 2009)
Hamdam Zakirov (Usbekistan, author of Kaukana mereltä, 2016) 
Sini Silveri (Finland, author of Titaanidisko, 2020; Helsingin Sanomat opera prima literary prize nominee 2020)
Roxana Crisólogo (Peru/Finland, author of Kauneus/La belleza, 2019)

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