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Cultour Mobile App and Reading Through Light – Sivuvalo and University of Veracruz

In 2016, Amado Peña and Diana Rosy Ricárdez López visited Helsinki as part of an internship program in collaboration with University of Veracruz. During their visit, both students developed projects related to the… Continue reading

WikiRuno – Web Literary Campaign by Sivuvalo

WikiRuno* is a web literary campaign by Sivuvalo which aims to create an encyclopedic identity of transnational language writers, using references and building a database of writers that can be verified and considered… Continue reading

AFO PUB: Poetry interventions in eastern Helsinki pub’s

AFO PUB was a series of multilingual poetry interventions and aphorism workshops in eastern Helsinki bars developed in collaboration between Sivuvalo, Stoa, Humak University of Applied Science and Helsinki Poetry Connection. Poets: Roxana… Continue reading

The City Ghettos of Today in Helsinki | 2014

Sivuvalo in The City Ghettos of Today – Helsinki program of September 8th-20th 2014. DOWNLOAD THE GHETTOS PROJECT BOOK The City Ghettos of Today – Helsinki focuses on knowledge, practices and skills that become… Continue reading