Malmö Poesi-X Multilingual Poetry Event

Moriska Paviljongen
Norra Parkgatan  
214 22 Malmö Sverige


NolitchX är ett litteraturprojekt som drivs av Sivuvalo (Helsingfors), Tre Tärningar (Malmö) och Red Door (Köpenhamn) för att uppmärksamma och ge plats åt litteratur som skrivs på invandrarspråk i de nordiska länderna.

NolitchX vill gärna ifrågasätta gränserna mellan språk och tillhörighet, såsom mellan konstens olika uttrycksformer. Därför bjuder NolitchX in till en kväll där text på en mängd olika språk, musik och bild smälter in i varandra.

NolitchX is a project run by Sivuvalo (Helsinki), Tre Tärningar (Malmoe), and Red Door (Copenhagen) that works to make visible the literature written in immigrant languages in the Nordic region.

NolitchX would like to question the limits between language and identity, as well as between different artistic expressions. Therefor, NolitchX invites you to a poetry night where text in different languages, music, and image merge.

På scen/On stage:
Azita Ghahreman (Iran/Sverige)
Mazen Maarouf (Libanon/Island)
Zurab Rtveliashvili (Georgien/Sverige)
Elizabeth Torres (Colombia/USA/Danmark)
Ahmed Zaidan (Irak/Finland)
Dodou Touray (Gambia/Finland)

Musik/Music: Maher Cissoko
Produktion/Production: Lalo Barrubia

Gratis inträde/Free entrance


Tack till: Malmö Kulturstöd, Nordiska kulturfonden – Nordisk Kulturfond, Nordisk kulturkontakt

NolitchX TALK: Immigrant Language Writers in the Nordic Region @Nordisk Sprogfest, Aarhus, September 2017

Keldlen, Godsbanen
Skovgaardsgade 3
Århus, Denmark 

16:00–17:00  Discussion with immigrant language writers on the situation and experience of immigrant language writers living in the Nordic countries.

There are a lot of immigrant language writers residing in the Nordic countries, who have arrived here for various reasons. Some have left their home countries for political reasons or war, others have come to the North for love, or a number of other reasons. They all struggle to be able to work as professional writers in their new home countries, and they all find different methods for managing.
Hear the stories and experiences of Kamal Ahmane, Berber writer form Algeria who now writes in Danish, Roxana Crisólogo, Peruvian poet founder of the multilingual literature project Sivuvalo in Helsinki, and Azita Ghahreman, one of Iran’s leading poets who in Sweden has engaged in translating and editing.

Participating authors: Kamal Ahmane (Algeria/Denmark), Roxana Crisólogo (Peru/Finland), and Azita Ghahreman (Iran/Sweden).
Moderated by Petronella Zetterlund

The talk will be held in English

Open to everyone and entrance free
Please, register with a mail to

Organized by NolitchX
Read the whole program of the Nordisk Sprogfest.



On Wednesday May 17 at 5 p.m. four writers will introduce and read from their work at Kaffislippur Café at Hotel Reykjavik Marina. They are Ewa Marcinek (Poland/Iceland), Elías Knörr (Galicia/Iceland), Mazen Maarouf (Lebanon/Iceland) and Roxana Crisologo (Peru/Finland). All share the experience of writing in a languages different than the one of their current home country – or in some cases in more than one language.


The event is organized by the Reykjavík UNESCO City of Literature and NolitchX (Nordic Literatures in Change and Exchange) that focuses on immigrant language literature in the Nordic region which it wants to make visible through readings, translations and networks.

The following day, Thursday May 18 at 5 p.m., the same authors take part in a panel discussion about immigrant language literatures in the Nordic region moderated by Petronella Zetterlund. facebook

The events are open for all and entrance FREE.

Sivuvalo is part of Nordic Literatures in Change and Exchange Nolitch X.

The events are a collaboration between NolitchX and Reykjavik UNESCO City of Literature. Thanks to Svenk-Islänska SamarbetsfondenNordisk kulturkontakt and Nordiska kulturfonden – Nordisk Kulturfond for the support.

Migrationsliteratur = maahanmuuttajakirjallisuus? Categorizing literature by migrants in Germany, Finland and the USA


11.-12.5.2017 Conference and Workshop
Helsinki, Nykykielten laitos, PL 33 (Yliopistonkatu 4), 00014 Helsingin yliopisto.
Visit Helsinki University website to check the whole program: 

12.5  |18.30-20.00 |  Mutants – Migrants – Natives? facebook
Multilingual Literary Evening with Nevfel Cumart (Germany), Polina Kopylova (Russia), Mohsen Emadi (Iran) and Yousif Abu Al Fawz (Iraq).
Deutsche Bibliothek: Helsinki, Pohjoinen Makasiinikatu 7.

Goethe-Institut Finnland, Emil Öhmännin Säätiö, Helsingin yliopisto, nykykielten laitos
* Sivuvalo project takes part in the workshop and conference and in the coordinating the Literary evening.

Moments of the poetry reading.
Pictures. Roxana Crisólogo


Sámi literature travels to Latin America | Discussion: Inger-Mari Aikio and Daniel Malpica | 27.5 [Maailma Kylässä]

The poets Daniel Malpica, Roxana Crisólogo and Zoila Forss translated from English to Spanish and from Finnish to Spanish respectively poetry of Sámi writers Niillas Holmberg and Inger-Mari Aikio  thanks to a grant given by FILI – Finnish Literature Exchange. This was part of Sivuvalo editorial project that concluded with the publication of Rosa Boreal ROADDI Contemporary Sámi Poetry.

How do non-dominant language literatures work in the Nordic countries and in Latin America? Panelists include poet, designer and translator Daniel Malpica (Mexico-Finland), poet Inger-Mari Aikio (Sámi, Finland) and moderator Outi Korhonen. The discussion is in English.


Multilingualism and diversity as a resource in the cultural field (The Culture for All), World Books Maailman Kirjat

UNATTAINABLE MAPS | 27-28.5.2017 | Maailma Kylassä | World Village Festival | Helsinki

  • Artwork  Installation  Poetry
  • Sat 27.5.2017 11.00–21.00 Kaisaniemi Park
  • Sun 28.5.2017 11.00–19.00 Kaisaniemi Park

Artist Martina Miño Pérez and poet Roxana Crisólogo Correa welcome visitors to interact with an installation, to reflect upon lines, landscapes, cartography and the imagined territories of Latin America through the action of drawing, erasing and appropriating.

Through the use of visual poetry and collage, we can all connect with the collective
memory of a continent and with an identity that is still being shaped.

Poetry and texts of Roxana Crisólogo, Martina Miño, Rosamaría Bolom and Lalo Barrubia. Translations into English and Finnish by Anne Ketola.

Peruvian poet Roxana Crisólogo Correa (b. 1966) lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. She is the author of poetry and founder of the Multilingual Literature project Sivuvalo. Crisólogo’s poetry presents power relations in everyday life in the post capitalist era. She rewrites general stories by including traditionally silenced voices to decolonize poetry in order to construct new epic with new heroes.

Ecuadorian Martina Miño Pérez (b. 1990) is a multidisciplinary artist, living and working in Helsinki, Finland. She is member of the collective Third Space. Martina’s works appear as dreamlike compositions, texts and images, in which meanings shift and the realm of reality is absorbed by fiction. Her work has been exhibited and published in Finland and in Latin America.

More information in World Village Festival.
More about project at Unattainable Maps
Producer: Catalysti


Runoilija Roxana Crisólogo Correa ja taiteilija Martina Miño Pérez kutsuvat festivaaliyleisön osallistumaan installaatioon, jossa vierailijat pääsevät pohtimaan Latinalaisen Amerikan rajoja ja kuviteltuja alueita itse piirtämällä ja pois pyyhkimällä. Visuaaliset runot ja kollaasit kietovat teoksen osaksi kollektiivista muistia ja maanosan yhä muotoutuvaa identiteettiä.

Lisätietoa löytyy Maailma kylässä -festivaali tapahtuman sivustolta.
Tuottaja: Catalysti


Satakieliklubi | Nordic Multimedia Poetry Night 18.3.2017 [Vuotalo]

Satakieliklubi: Nordic Multimedia Poetry Night
Sat. 18.3.2017  hr. 19.00
Vuotalo. Vuosali, Mosaiikkitori 2, Helsinki


– Satakieliklubi suomeksi
Satakieliklubi på svenska
Satakieliklubi عربي

Satakieliklubi is a multimedia poetry club specially created for Vuotalo’s concert hall in 2015. Since then, it has become an important referent in the promotion of professional transnational language writers and experimental literature in Finland.

Every year, poetry, music and design get together offering the audience an unprecedented literary experience. This event takes place during Satakielikuukausi Festival (The Month of a Hundred Languages). 

In 2017, Satakieliklubi goes Nordic with the launch of NotlitchX (Nordic Literatures in Change and Exchange). Satakieliklubi is the first multimedia event of the NolitchX project, organized by Sivuvalo, presenting three immigrant language writers from Sweden: Azita Ghahreman (Persian), Lalo Barrubia (Spanish) and Tammam Hunaidy (Arabic), as a way to create bridges over the national border between the literatures of Finland and Sweden as well as over any language barrier.

Azita Ghahreman (Iran/Malmö), Ye Yint Thet Zwe (Burma/Helsinki),
Lalo Barrubia(Uruguay/Malmö), Dodou Touray (Gambia/Helsinki),
Tammam Hunaydi (Syria/Motala) and TaoLin (China/Helsinki). 

Otzir Godot (drum poet, Finland) and Aino Eerola (violins, Finland).

Languages: Farsi, Arabic, Spanish, English, Chinese, Burma, Finnish and Swedish.

Host: Minna Joenniemi
Production design and concept by Daniel Malpica

Organizers: Sivuvalo, Helsingin kulttuurikeskus and NolitchX (Nordic Literatures in Change and Exchange) with the support of Nordisk kulturfond and Nordic Culture Point.


Runoreflex 20.3.2017 | klo 18.00


RunoReflex: Poetry and Film

20.3.2017 | 18-21h
International Cultural Centre Caisa’s Lobby, 2nd floor
Mikonkatu 17 C/Vuorikatu 14
Free entrance / Vapaa pääsy


Runoreflex brings together poetry and films by international authors and filmakers living in Finland and Sweden. A ‘Live experimental poetry reading’ in Russian, Arabic, Spanish with translations into Finnish, Swedish and English. The word ‘reflex’ refers to a game related to camera devices and the projection of the films.

Poets Polina Kopylova (RU/FI), Tammam Hunaidy (SY/SE), الشاعر عادل الشرقي Adel Al Sharki (IQ/FI) and Lalo Barrubia (UR/SE) will present their poems accompanied by Colombian cellist Sergio Castrillón and Iraqi musician Ali Haithem.

Short Films:

 رسالة إلى أوباما ‘Letter to Obama by Mohanad Salahat فيلم لـ مهند صلاحات

In a refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, two boys decided to send a message to the American president Barak Obama through his Facebook page. They ask him, as the president of the United States, to intervene and end the siege on the Gaza Strip, and they invite him and his wife to visit the Strip and witness people’s hardships there. But they never receive a response. They decide to use a small video camera to record a very angry video message addressed to Barak Obama from the people of the camp.
In Arabic with English subtitles.

‘The journey of a broken bird’: a poetry film based on the work of Burmese refugee writer Ye Yint Thet Zwe who lives in Finland. Last summer, Sivuvalo published his book ‘We Hate War, Mother’, a poetry compilation in Burmese, Finnish and English. The movie is made by Jaime Culebro, Paola Figueroa and Ye Yint Thet Zwe.
In Burmese with English subtitles.

Organizers: Sivuvalo, Caisa and NolitchX (Nordic Literatures in Change and Exchange) with the support of Nordic Culture Point and Nordic Culture Fund.


Runoja ilman kotimaata | Poetry interventions | 28.2, 11.3, 17.3

Designed by Daniel Malpica
Designed by Daniel Malpica

Runoja ilman kotimaata -sarjassa runoilijat esittävät Satakielikuukauden aikana Itä-Helsingissä erikielistä runoutta, jolla ei ole kotimaata. Runoesityksiä kommentoi musiikillaan improvisaatiosellisti Sergio Castrillón. Mahdolliset päivitykset Vuotalon sivulla: Runoja ilman kotimaata

[In English] Poetry with no homelandis a series of poetry interventios to public spaces located in East Helsinki during  Multilingual Month (Satakielikuukausi). The poetry interventions will be accompanied by music improvisation cellist Sergio Castrillón.

Poetry in Arabic, Spanish and Russian take over Helsinki! Translations available into Finnish and Swedish.

Stay tuned for latest update on metro stations names.



Kalevalan päivä 13.00 and 16.00
Poetry readings
Vuotalo aula. 

Metro interventions: Muhaned Durubi, Polina Kopylova, Daniel Malpica, Kasper Salonen accompanied by cellist Sergio Castrillón.

Poetry reading 17.30
Stoa Galleria 

Keskustelu: Monikielistä kirjallisuutta Suomessa
Musiikkisali, Stoa klo 18.00 – 19.00
Hamdam Zakirov and Roxana Crisólogo



Saunapäivä – Runosauna
Kasper Salonen, Daniel Malpica, Muhaned Durubi. Music by Sergio Castrillón



Metro interventions, poetry readings at Kontula Library and Mopobaari.
kl. 17 Muhaned Durubi and Daniel Malpica, poets based in Helsinki, will be joined by poets Azita Ghahreman (Stockholm), Tammam Hunaidy (Motala) and Lalo Barrubia (Malmö)

The poetry interventions will be accompanied by music improvisation cellist Sergio Castrillón. Translations available into Finnish and Swedish will be read by Outi Korhonen.

Poetry in Arabic, Spanish, Finnish and Swedish takes over Helsinki!

Organised by Helsingin kulttuurikeskus and Sivuvalo in cooperation with NolitchX.



FUTURIBLE: Visual Poetry and Future Language Exhibition | Näyttely 31.1.-4.3. [STOA]


How will the authors of tomorrow write? In what formats?

Sivuvalo is proud to present
Futurible – Visual Poetry and Future Language Exhibition
curated by Daniel Malpica and Timea Varga.

Futurible shows text-based works of international poets, writers, designers and artists living in Finland. A book is just one possible container of literary work, a frame defined by characters, fonts, layouts and so on. What happens when authors explore the use of text under different circumstances beyond conventional formats?

Works from: Muhaned Durubi (IQ/FI), Martina Miño (EC/FI, Payam Abdolsamadi (IR/FI), Zoila Forss (PE/FI), Kári Tulinius (IS), Daniel Malpica(MX/FI), Timea Varga (HU/FI) and Roxana Crisólogo (PE/FI).

Organised by Sivuvalo in cooperation with Stoa and Stadi Ammattiopisto Helsinki.

Stoa second floor/ Stoan parvigalleria
Turunlinnantie 1, Itäkeskus, Helsinki

Open/Avoinna  ma-to klo 9-20,
pe klo 9-18, la-su klo 10-16.

Exhibition closing party 2.3.2017 at 17.00

Free entrance/ Vapaa pääsy / Gratis inträde

multilingual CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP 18.01.2017

Designed by Zoila Forss
[Mikonkatu 17 C/Vuorikatu 14, Helsinki]
Kokoushuone 1
hr 16.00-18.00

Free entrance

We are happy to invite you to attend to the creative writing workshop run by

 Andy Willoughby performance poet and senior lecturer in creative writing at Teesside University (U.K), Bob Beagrie  poet, playwright and senior lecturer in creative writing at Teesside University (U.K). Beagrie is also co–director of Ek Zuban Press, an independent publishing house which produces Kenaz magazine and Kalle Niinikangas, poet and  chairman of the Artists’ and Writers’ Association Kiila.

Please note that the workshop is limited to 12 participants so advance registration is necessary.

To register, send an email to until 15.01.2017. Organised by Sivuvalo in cooperation with Andy Willoughby and Bob Beagrie.

All languages are welcome.