Runoreflex 20.3.2017 | klo 18.00

  RunoReflex: Poetry and Film 20.3.2017 | 18-21h International Cultural Centre Caisa’s Lobby, 2nd floor Mikonkatu 17 C/Vuorikatu 14 Helsinki Free entrance / Vapaa pääsy Runoreflex brings together poetry and films by international authors and filmakers living in Finland and Sweden. A ‘Live experimental poetry reading’ in Russian, Arabic, Spanish with translations into Finnish, Swedish and English. The word … Continue reading Runoreflex 20.3.2017 | klo 18.00

Mutanttikieltä : Multimedia Poetry Night |5.11.2015

Literary translation is a core subject for writers in times of Diaspora: The right to be listened, the right to be read… The mutation of language is also a path between disciplines, a path that looks for a different way of understanding. Perhaps all this hindrances in language are hiding an underlying problem in equality; … Continue reading Mutanttikieltä : Multimedia Poetry Night |5.11.2015

Runokuu: Matkalla Pohjolaan | 27.8. 2015

When does a journey end, if it does not have a return-ticket? 'On the way to the North' is a multidisciplinary and multilingual poetry night at Lavaklubi (Läntinen Teatterikuja 1, Helsinki) where international poets read their texts related to a journey’s end, its endlessness or its slow transmutation to everyday living. This night is organized by … Continue reading Runokuu: Matkalla Pohjolaan | 27.8. 2015

Keys to the Finnish literature field – How to work as a professional writer in Finland?

Fri 20.2.2015 klo 16.00 - 18.00 Free entrance Kokoushuone 1 / Caisa Mikonkatu 17 C / Vuorikatu 14, Helsinki Keys to the Finnish literature field – How to work as a professional writer in Finland? There is a growing group of writers living in Finland who write in other languages than Finnish, Swedish or Saame. … Continue reading Keys to the Finnish literature field – How to work as a professional writer in Finland?

Songs of life § death 31.10

 On the last day of October, international writers and musicians will explore the border of the shadows to celebrate the "Day of the Dead", an ancient and colorfull Mexican tradition for remember the people who have died. For this night, Caisa's festivity hall will be transformed into an indoor picnic full of poetry, dance, music … Continue reading Songs of life § death 31.10

Book presentations

June 25 I 19h Poetry Showcase at Third Space. Before mid-year holidays Sivuvalo in cooperation with Third Space and [Radiador] Magazine organised the first presentation of Sivuvalo Cartonero book.  As part of the program was showed Sivuvalo Book-trailer. After the presentation by Roxana Crisólogo & Daniel Malpica editors of the book, some of the authors who … Continue reading Book presentations

Satakieli kaupunki – Runokuu 22.8

PERJANTAI 22.8.Klo 18–21 Lavaklubi, Läntinen teatterikuja 1, vapaa pääsy Sivuvalo-projektin erikielisten runoilijoiden Helsinkiin sijoittuva paikkasidonnainen runous sijoittaa kaupungin kartalle eri puolilta maailmaa tulleiden kaupunkilaisten kokemuksia. Runoesitystä seuraa keskustelu erilaisista Helsingeistä muualta tulleiden silmin. Satakielikaupunki-ilta ja digitaalinen runokartta toteutetaan yhteistyössä eurooppalaisen City Ghettos of Today -projektin kanssa. Mukana kirjailijat Roxana Crisólogo (Peru), Yousif Abu Al-Fawz (Irak), Polina Kopylova (Venäjä) ja Daniel Malpica (Meksiko). Runoja … Continue reading Satakieli kaupunki – Runokuu 22.8

Cartonero Book Workshop

Kesäkuu 18 l klo 10-13 Kirjatyöpaja   -   June 18 I 10-13h Handmade Book Workshop Arts Promotion Centre Finland. (Taike) was the place where Sivuvalo § [Radiador] - Fanzine Digital organised a first workshop to make Sivuvalo cartonero books.  Sivuvalo coordinator with our book designer and editor Daniel Malpica with the valuable help of Rosamaría … Continue reading Cartonero Book Workshop

Varoitus: Tämä kirja on kielenkäytöllisesti monimutkainen tapaus

Varoitus: Tämä kirja on kielenkäytöllisesti monimutkainen tapaus  Warning: This book is a complicated case of use of language  [Radiador], Sivuvalo ja Into Kustannus julkaisevat yhdessä libro cartonero –runokokoelman. Kirja sisältää Suomessa asuvien mutta muilla kuin suomen tai ruotsin kielellä kirjoittavien runoilijoiden ja kirjailijoiden töitä: Marcel Jaentschke (Nicaragua), Diana Mistera (Italia), Mohamed Ahmed Haji Omar (Somalia/Suomi), David Gambarte (Espanja), Rosamaria Bolom(México), Maila-Kaarina Rantanen (Brasilia), Tanya … Continue reading Varoitus: Tämä kirja on kielenkäytöllisesti monimutkainen tapaus


COMING SOON! Sivuvalo & [Radiador] Magazine & Karu Kartonera with the help of six organisations, are preparing a compilation of works written by migrant writers living in Suomi. This book will be a handmade edition inspired by the "Latinamerican cartonero movement", a multilingual book made of recycled material that will try to generate a strong discussion between local … Continue reading VAROITUS

Maailman kirjat – Latin American Poetry Night and Music with ‘Los de Abajo’

Latin American poetry night at Lavaklubi in the National Theatre, Helsinki. The program was part of the Maaiman Kirjat festival on 24.5.2014. The event was closed by the iconic Mexican rock band "Los de Abajo". NON-STOP POETRY PROGRAM Luiz Ruffato (BRA), O Poeta e o Violão Show (BRA / FIN), Maila-Kaarina Rantanen (BRA / FIN), … Continue reading Maailman kirjat – Latin American Poetry Night and Music with ‘Los de Abajo’

keskustelu Caisa 19.-20.3.

On March 19th and 20th, Lukukeskus, Kulttuuria kaikille and Sivuvalo organized the second round of discussions on the situation of authors writing in other languages than Finnish or Swedish. This time the emphasis was on how to promote the visibility of these authors and figure out solutions to the problem of translations. Publishing is the … Continue reading keskustelu Caisa 19.-20.3.