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Poetry room

One of the biggest problems that professional authors that write in other languages than Finnish or Swedish face is the lack of translations. Despite this Sivuvalo has as a principle to present translations into Finnish or Swedish […]

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Vuoden 2017 Nuori Voima -palkinnon saaja on monikielinen kirjallisuusprojekti Sivuvalo

The Sivuvalo project was awarded last 8th June 2017 for its contributions to literature in Finland. As stated in the award ceremony, Sivuvalo is an excellent example of the collaboration opportunities brought about by a […]

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Roađđi – Rosa boreal book on sale!

Price: 18 € Buying instructions below ROAĐĐI – ROSA BOREAL is a poetry compilation of contemporary Sámi poetry of  Inger-Mari Aikio y Niillas Holmberg in three languages (Sámi-Spanish-English) published by Sivuvalo project in Helsinki. Translations of Niillas Holmberg’s […]