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Nordic Literatures in Change and Exchange

    2017 has begun and with it the project and network “Nordic Literatures in Change and Exchange”. NolitchX exists to create a network of immigrant language writers in the Nordic region to… Continue reading

Nordic Literatures in Change and Exchange

Nolitch X, Nordic Literatures in Change and Exchange, is a literary project with the objective to create networks of immigrant language writers in the Nordic region supported by the Nordic Culture Fund, Nordic Culture Point and… Continue reading

Futurible: Poetry from another present era | Runokuu Festival, 2016

LIVE multimedia poetry event organized by Sivuvalo project for the Experimental Lit Goes Gloria Theater at Runokuu Literary Festival in Helsinki, 2016. Invited poets living in the Nordic countries: Nyein Chan Aung (Burma),… Continue reading

Satakieliklubi II – Experimental Poetry Night at Vuotalo 2016

In its second edition, Satakieliklubi was a complete success putting on stage international writers and artists from Iraq, Germany, Mexico, Iran, Peru, Spain and Finland. The event happened at Voutalo concert hall in… Continue reading


  FR33MHz – MUTANTTIKIELTÄ was an Electro-Poetry Night where freedom and human rights are more current than ever before. The political changes in Finland as well as the financial and humanitarian crises are… Continue reading

Mutanttikieltä : Multimedia Poetry Night |5.11.2015

Literary translation is a core subject for writers in times of Diaspora: The right to be listened, the right to be read… The mutation of language is also a path between disciplines, a… Continue reading

MATKALLA POHJOLAAN – Runokuu: Multilingual Poetry, Music and Sound Art, 2015

When does a journey end, if it does not have a return-ticket? ‘On the way to the North’ was a multidisciplinary and multilingual poetry night at Lavaklubi, National Theatre (Läntinen Teatterikuja 1, Helsinki)… Continue reading

Satakieliklubi – Live Poetry Night at Vuotalo 21.3.2015

Satakieliklubi 21.03.2015 was an experimental and multilingual poetry night in Voutalo, eastern Helsinki, and it was the closing event of Satakielikuukausi festival. The night brought a variety of international writers performing among two… Continue reading

AFO PUB: Poetry interventions in eastern Helsinki pub’s

AFO PUB was a series of multilingual poetry interventions and aphorism workshops in eastern Helsinki bars developed in collaboration between Sivuvalo, Stoa, Humak University of Applied Science and Helsinki Poetry Connection. Poets: Roxana… Continue reading

Songs of life & death – Poetry, Music and Performance [Gallery]

      “Songs of Life and Death” was multidisciplinary poetry night in October of 2014 at Caisa Cultural Centre. There, international writers and musicians explored the border between the light and the… Continue reading

The City Ghettos of Today in Helsinki | 2014

Sivuvalo in The City Ghettos of Today – Helsinki program of September 8th-20th 2014. DOWNLOAD THE GHETTOS PROJECT BOOK The City Ghettos of Today – Helsinki focuses on knowledge, practices and skills that become… Continue reading

Satakielikaupunki: Sivuvalo in Runokuu Festival 2014

Different views to contemporary Helsinki and its surroundings in poetry and stories of authors Yousif Abu Al Fawz, Polina Kopylova, Daniel Malpica and Roxana Crisólogo in Helsinki digital poetry map, a project produced in cooperation… Continue reading