VIDEOPOETRY Marathon – Aalto Media Factory

A selection of four videopoems made by media artists and poets as part of Videopoetry Marathon during Hack your heritage festival at Aalto Media Factory, Helsinki, 2015.

Workshop facilitated by Mariana Salgado, an interaction design-researcher working as postdoctoral researcher in Arki Research Group, Media Department, School of Art, Design and Arquitecture, Aalto University.

The last videopoem corresponds to Visual Poetics of Resistance Videopoetry project.

Infinito, poem by Zoila Forss. Video: Guy Dowsett. Videopoem made in Videopoetry Marathon.

X-Written, poem by Daniel Malpica, translated by Aurelio Meza. Video by Daniel Malpica, Jakub Bobrowski & Arttu Liimatta. Videopoem made in Videopoetry Marathon.

Motorisoituja muistoja / Travel by train to find again the faces of yesterday, poem by Rosamaría Bolom. Sound mix by Eero Heikkinen. Animation by Wang Jing. Video editing: Break interactive. Poem translated by Johanna Suhonen, Joonas Partanen and Wang Jing. Videopoem made in Videopoetry Marathon.

Law 0, based on the text of Tanya Tynjälä. Edition by Eva Durall. Videopoem made in Videopoetry Marathon.

Me separo de mi hija sin mala conciencia, poem by Roxana Crisólogo, Video made by Fermín Tanguis. Videopoem is part of Visual Poetics of Resistance project, Lima, Perú, 2007.

Open Call: Video Poetry Marathon


AVOIN GLAM network and Sivuvalo project invite you to take part of a video poetry marathon this 7.02.2015. Join us in a one day marathon creating video poems reusing audiovisual archive materials.

Come to:

  • read poems
  • get to know an exciting group of international writers
  • reuse audiovisual material
  • create videos
  • discuss possible venues or contexts for publication.

Participants are required to have basic skills in video edition.

You can register at:

The dead line is on 2.02

Organizers: Mariana Salgado and Roxana Crisólogo.
The video poetry marathon is part of Hack your heritage festival.

Event Date: 7.02.2015 / 10-19hs
Hämeentie 135A.
Aalto Media Factory

* Videopoems made at Videopoetry Marathon are available at Sivuvalo´s portafolio videos – section.


Songs of life § death 31.10

On the last day of October, international writers and musicians will explore the border of the shadows to celebrate the “Day of the Dead”, an ancient and colorfull Mexican tradition for remember the people who have died. For this night, Caisa’s festivity hall will be transformed into an indoor picnic full of poetry, dance, music and mesopotamian coffee. 
Bring your own food, grab a space and some pillows on the floor, and enjoy a late-autumn picnic full of poetry, music, and exciting performances and improvisations!The first part of the evening will include performances by our invited poets and musicians, in various languages and forms!In the second part of the evening, our house band is available to improvise to your poetry! Bring your own poems (in any language), go on stage, and experience what it’s like to have a group of musicians jam to your words. After that, the mic is totally open – bring anything to the stage, in any artform, and maybe invite anyone else to join you. You want to dance? Maybe someone wants to improvise poetry on top of it. Bring a piece of music? Maybe someone wants to dance to it.Pre-registration for Jam session with house band:There are 15 slots for the jam: we will accept up to eight people for pre-registration, and the rest can sign-up at the venue itself. Please send an email to by Oct 23 to register your interest – subject “PICNIC CLUB JAM” and include: Full name, language, artform, and whether you would like the house band to join in and improvise to your poem. Please note that only pre-registered performers will be accompanied by the special house band.

:: The event will be hosted by Kasper Salonen.
:: Invited Artists::
POETRY – Daniel Malpica (Mexico), Olga Svanberg (Russia), Rosamaria Bolom (Mexico), Natalja Meri (Russia), Roxana Crisólogo Correa (Peru) and Kasper Salonen (Finland).
MUSIC – James Andean (Canada), Iiris Tarnanen (Finland), Sergio Castrillón (Colombia).
The table is served! Bring your favorite blanket and come to enjoy the best recipes of the house.
[ Organizers ] – Salasanat Finland, Sivuvalo. Onko tämä suomalaista kirjallisuutta? with the support of Kone Foundation, Sibelius Academy -Glomas- Global Music Master, Suomen venäjänkielisten kirjailijoiden yhdistys, Logrus and Caisa International Cultural Centre.
31.10.14 at 19:00 h.
CAISA, International Cultural Center. Facebook event here.
Fee: 5 €
Designed by Daniel Malpica