Mutanttikieltä – Translation and Literature at an Exhibition 5-30.11.2015 / Pictures

MutanttikieltaPoster-01Literary translation is a core subject for writers in times of Diaspora: The right to be listened, the right to be read… The mutation of language is also a path between disciplines, a path that looks for a different way of understanding. Perhaps all this hindrances in language are hiding an underlying problem in equality; equal understanding and equal rights. This project has been exhibited in different venues with the collaboration of the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters (SKTL).


CURATOR & DESIGNER: Daniel Malpica [Mexico] | VIDEO INSTALLATION: Paola Figueroa [Colombia] | SOUND INSTALLATION: Alejandro Olarte [Colombia] | VISUAL POETRY: Payam Abdolsamadi [Iran] ja Kári Tulinius [Iceland] | SPECIAL GUEST PROJECT: ‘Concretoons: Digital Poetry’ by Benjamín Moreno [Mexico] | TRANSLATORS: Pauli Tapio, Taina Helkamo, Taija Mård, Sampsa Peltonen, Tommi Parkko, Timo Harju, Marko Juntunen, Ulrika Enkell, Jukka Mallinen, Sinan Antoon, Jassem Mohammad, Outi Korhonen, Aurelio Meza, John Z. Komurki and Emma Louhivuori | SIVUVALO CHANNEL: Interviews with Professor of World Politics, University of Helsinki, Teivo Teivainen and author Mazen Maarouf, videopoems of Videopoetry Marathon and material from Sivuvalo´archive.


Sound installation by Alejandro Olarte (Colombia) [Photo by Daniel Malpica]
Mutanttikieltä was curated and designed by Daniel Malpica (Mexico) [Photo by Daniel Malpica]
The exhibition included photography of multimedia poetry events by Jaime Culebro [Photo by Daniel Malpica]
Part of the exhibition was supported by the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters (SKTL). [Photo by Daniel Malpica]
Poets Roxana Crisólogo (Peru), Kári Tulinius (Iceland) and Kasper Salonen (Finland). [Photo by Daniel Malpica]
Poets Hamdam Zakirov (Uzbekistan), Polina Kopylova (Russia), Mazen Maarouf (Palestine) and Daniel Malpica (Mexico). [Photo by Daniel Malpica]
Poets Ye Yint Thet Zwe (Burma), Mathias Rosenlund (Finald) and Zoila Forss (Peru). [Photo by Daniel Malpica]
Concretoons ‘digital poetry’ by Benjamín Moreno (Mexico). [Photo by Daniel Malpica]
Poet Hamdam Zakirov (Uzbekistan) [Photo by Daniel Malpica]
Poets Mazen Maarouf (Palestine) and Mathias Rosenlund (Finland) [Photo by Daniel Malpica]



Mutanttikieltä exhibition
Poet Zoila Forss (Peru) | Video installation by Paola Figueroa (Colombia) [Photo by Daniel Malpica]
Burmese poet Ye Yint Thet Zwe [Photo by Daniel Malpica]
Russian poet Polina Kopylova [Photo by Daniel Malpica]
Palestinian poet Mazen Maarouf [Photo by Daniel Malpica]
The video installation was leaded by Paola Figueroa (Colombia). [Photo by Daniel Malpica]
Icelandic poet Kári Tulinius [Photo by Daniel Malpica]


Mutantti-Stoa small-01

Helsinki Literature- Mutanttikieltä in ‘Stoa cultural center’ curated by Daniel Malpica and planned by Payam Abdolsamadi [Photo by Daniel Malpica]
Graphic Score Poetry by Mexican poet Daniel Malpica [Photo by Daniel Malpica]
Visual poetry by Icelandic poet Kári Tulinius [Photo by Daniel Malpica]
Helsinki Literature – International Exhibition of Literary Translation and Poetry [Photo by Daniel Malpica]
Helsinki Poetry – Mutanttikieltä 2016 [Photo by Daniel Malpica]
Translation and Literature at an Exhibition - Helsinki
Mutant Language – Translation and Literature at an Exhibition (Helsinki) [Photo by Daniel Malpica]
Visual poetry by Iranian poet Payam Abdolsamadi [Photo by Daniel Malpica]
Graphic Score Poetry by Mexican poet Daniel Malpica [Photo by Daniel Malpica]

Sivuvalo Channel: Literature Independent Media Project

Sivuvalo Channel


The visibility and presence of non-dominant language writers in the local media and literary scene has been increasing in recent years. However, the visibility still stays quite marginal in spite of a strong community of professional writers and artists, who have shown that they want to be listened to.

In accordance with this, Sivuvalo project decided to create an own alternative media called Sivuvalo Channel (Sivuvalo Kanava) on its website. By producing and filming in-depth interviews with professional poets, authors, academics, translators and others, Sivuvalo wants to participate in the discussion of multilingualism. This will highlight and promote contemporary international literature in Finland and in other Northern European countries.

Sivuvalo Channel will also make the public aware of all the initiatives in which these authors participate such as interviews, discussion panels, workshops, and exhibitions. The channel will give updates on all the new activities of the project, offering video-teasers of our most relevant events as well.

This project was launched in late 2015 with an interview with writer Mazen Maarouf (Palestine/Iceland) during Sivuvalo’s poetry night for Runokuu international festival and Teivo Teivainen (Finnish Professor of World Politics from University of Helsinki) discussing about Mutanttikieltä project.

You can watch all the interviews and videos at our website, or follow us from Sivuvalo’s YouTube channel as well.


2015 | Teivo Teivanen – Finnish Professor of World Politics, University of Helsinki.

2015 | Lalo Barrubia – Poet and Performer (Uruguay/Malmö).

2015 | Tomás Cohen – Chilean Poet resident in Hamburg,Germany.

Presentations and performances:

2016 | Amir Darwish – Syrian British Poet from Kurdish origin.

2016 | Ahmed Zaidan – Iraqi poet performing with Säkeet Orkesteri.

2016 | Diana Mistera – Italian writer living in Finland.

2016 | Zoila Forss and Polina Kopylova 



VIDEOPOETRY Marathon – Aalto Media Factory

A selection of four videopoems made by media artists and poets as part of Videopoetry Marathon during Hack your heritage festival at Aalto Media Factory, Helsinki, 2015.

Workshop facilitated by Mariana Salgado, an interaction design-researcher working as postdoctoral researcher in Arki Research Group, Media Department, School of Art, Design and Arquitecture, Aalto University.

The last videopoem corresponds to Visual Poetics of Resistance Videopoetry project.

Infinito, poem by Zoila Forss. Video: Guy Dowsett. Videopoem made in Videopoetry Marathon.

X-Written, poem by Daniel Malpica, translated by Aurelio Meza. Video by Daniel Malpica, Jakub Bobrowski & Arttu Liimatta. Videopoem made in Videopoetry Marathon.

Motorisoituja muistoja / Travel by train to find again the faces of yesterday, poem by Rosamaría Bolom. Sound mix by Eero Heikkinen. Animation by Wang Jing. Video editing: Break interactive. Poem translated by Johanna Suhonen, Joonas Partanen and Wang Jing. Videopoem made in Videopoetry Marathon.

Law 0, based on the text of Tanya Tynjälä. Edition by Eva Durall. Videopoem made in Videopoetry Marathon.

Me separo de mi hija sin mala conciencia, poem by Roxana Crisólogo, Video made by Fermín Tanguis. Videopoem is part of Visual Poetics of Resistance project, Lima, Perú, 2007.

Daniel Malpica (Mexico) – Live poetry reading at Runokuu 2014

Mexican poet Daniel Malpica at Runokuu poetry festival in Lavaklubi, National Theatre. This piece was a ‘graphic score poem’ thought to be played with Colombian cellist Sergio Castrillón.

More about that night: