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Futurible: Poetry from another present era | Runokuu Festival, 2016

LIVE multimedia poetry event organized by Sivuvalo project for the Experimental Lit Goes Gloria Theater at Runokuu Literary Festival in Helsinki, 2016. Invited poets living in the Nordic countries: Nyein Chan Aung (Burma),… Continue reading

Mutanttikieltä – Translation and Literature at an Exhibition 5-30.11.2015 / Pictures

Literary translation is a core subject for writers in times of Diaspora: The right to be listened, the right to be read… The mutation of language is also a path between disciplines, a… Continue reading

Sivuvalo Channel: Literature Independent Media Project

  The visibility and presence of non-dominant language writers in the local media and literary scene has been increasing in recent years. However, the visibility still stays quite marginal in spite of a… Continue reading

VIDEOPOETRY Marathon – Aalto Media Factory

A selection of four videopoems made by media artists and poets as part of Videopoetry Marathon during Hack your heritage festival at Aalto Media Factory, Helsinki, 2015. Workshop facilitated by Mariana Salgado, an interaction design-researcher working as… Continue reading

Daniel Malpica (Mexico) – Live poetry reading at Runokuu 2014

Mexican poet Daniel Malpica at Runokuu poetry festival in Lavaklubi, National Theatre. This piece was a ‘graphic score poem’ thought to be played with Colombian cellist Sergio Castrillón. More about that night:

Sivuvalo [Radiador] book-trailer

Book-trailer of the last publication of Sivuvalo and [Radiador]. Cinematography and edition: Anna Recansens. Music: Ana Gutiezca. Idea: Rosamaria Bolom. design: Daniel Malpica  

Runokuu 27.8.

Sivuvalo-projektin perulaiset runoilijat Roxana Crisólogo ja Zoila Crespo Moreyra-Forss esiintyvät Runokuun kokeellisen kirjallisuuden illassa 27.8. Roxana esittää uusimpia videorunotöitään, jotka pohjautuvat hänen kirjaansa “Rompehielos”. Zoilan esityksessä yhdistyvät runous ja improvisoiva musiikki. Elokuu on… Continue reading