Now is the time to redefine the concept of the Finnish literature scene considering language issues.

Should the work of poets and writers with immigrant backgrounds, living in Finland and who do not write in one of the two national languages, be considered as Finnish literature?

How could poets and writers, who write in other languages than Finnish or Swedish take part in the Finnish literature process and the local scene?

How these writers should approach and solve the lack of translation of their works into Finnish or Swedish?. How should they deal with the lack of publications in these languages?

How could they overcome these obstacles in order to get readers, to build an audience and to become a published author in Finland?

It is time to find out what we can learn from writers and poets living in other Nordic countries, who do not write in the local languages and who face the same challenges.

Would it be possible to create a bank of book evaluations and translations on the Nordic level?

How to overcome the challenges that immigrant writers face, when they want to publish their works, but when their literature is not considered to belong either to Finnish literature, or to the literature of their home countries?

Sivuvalo project has been working since 2013 to improve, map and make visible the point of view and works of immigrant language poets and writers based in Finland.

Sivuvalo aims for a conscious and inclusive society, that respects the human right for individuals to freely choose their language of communication and thus the right to use their own language in their literary work.