Pohjoismaiden ja Baltian monikielinen kaunokirjallisuusyhteistyö 


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Pohjoismaiden ja Baltian monikielinen kaunokirjallisuusyhteistyö on alkanut. Polina Kopylova ja Sivuvaloa edustanut Zoila Forss joka vierailivat Užupiksessa (Vilnassa) verkostoitumassa. Yhteistyön tähtäimessä ovat tulevat runofestivaalit Pohjoismaissa ja Baltian maissa.

Network on mobile multilingual poetry festivals
A literature networking between the Nordic countries and the Baltic countries has begun. Poets Polina Kopylova and Zoila Forss representing Sivuvalo project have been in Užupiska (Vilnius) to attend the preparatory meetings in order to build poetry events and festivals in cooperation with Baltic countries authors, translators and cultural producers.
Soon more details about the continuation meeting at Helsinki next April.

Vuoden 2017 Nuori Voima -palkinnon saaja on monikielinen kirjallisuusprojekti Sivuvalo


Kansan Uutiset: Elina Tervonen

The Sivuvalo project was awarded last 8th June 2017 for its contributions to literature in Finland. As stated in the award ceremony, Sivuvalo is an excellent example of the collaboration opportunities brought about by a respectful, open-minded and democratic take on literary work, and it sets an example for the entire Finnish society.  Congratulations to all writers, poets, translators and culture workers that have kept the project alive.

“Juhlavuottaan viettävä monikulttuurinen Suomi ansaitsee sen, että myös muilla kielillä kuin suomeksi kirjoittavien on mahdollista kehittää kirjallista kulttuuriamme”.

Kansan Uutiset 8.6.2017 Monikielinen Kirjallisuusprojekti Sivuvalo palkittiin Lue koko artikkeli

Nuoren Voiman Liitto Sivuvalo-projektille Nuori Voima -palkinto

PROVINS | NR. 4/2016


“Utsikten i detta nummer består av dikter av poeterna Daniel Malpica från Mexiko, Roxana Crisólogo från Peru och Lalo Barrubia från Uruguay, i översättning från spanska av Petronella Zetterlund. Mathias Rosenlund presenterar poeterna utifrån det finska projektet Sivuvalo (ungefär ”sidoljus” på svenska), som arbetar med att synliggöra och publicera invandrade författare och översättare. Han intervjuar bland annat Crisólogo som frustrerande ställer en mycket legitim fråga: ”Hur länge ska det ta förrän man som invandrad författare tas på allvar?”



Nordic Literatures in Change and Exchange


Designed by Daniel Malpica

2017 has begun and with it the project and network “Nordic Literatures in Change and Exchange”. NolitchX exists to create a network of immigrant language writers in the Nordic region to increase there visibility in the literary field in these countries and to provide better possibilities for these writers to work professionally.

We are Lalo BarrubiaAzita Ghahreman and Petronella Zetterlund of Tre Tärningar Kulturförening in Malmö; Roxana Crisologo Correa and Daniel Malpica of Sivuvalo in Helsinki; Elizabeth Torres Msneverstop of Red Door in Copenhagen; and independent writer Mazen Maarouf in Iceland/Lebanon. Among other things we will organize readings in Malmö in February, in Helsinki in March and Reykjavik in May.

NolitchX project is supported by Nordic Culture Fund and Nordic Culture Point. Petronella Zetterlund together with Roxana Crisólogo Correa are the coordinators of this project in cooperation with such an excellent team to contribute to literary interchange in the Nordic region.

Visit Nolitch X website. Look out for more events on FB. Anyone interested, contact us here on FB or at nolitchx@gmail.com.

Cultour Mobile App and Reading Through Light – Sivuvalo and University of Veracruz


In 2016, Amado Peña and Diana Rosy Ricárdez López visited Helsinki as part of an internship program in collaboration with University of Veracruz. During their visit, both students developed projects related to the reading promotion.

Cultour – interaktiivista tarinankerrontaa Google Mapsin kautta

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 14.06.10Cultour is a mobile app that seeks to create literary routes with google.maps database, it is an invitation to visit different cities as if you were a character in a story. The users will be able to make a tour trough Helsinki following the rout of transcultural writers Finland-based, tracking international literature in its own city. (Language: English).
Project coordination: Amado Peña (Sivuvalo’s Intern | UV)

– The beta version of the app will be available to download during ‘Carte Blanche’ (for Android only).

Reading Through Light (RTL) – valokuvan kautta lukemiseen

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 14.07.14This project is an attempt to combine literature and photography trough post-card creation, using the intersection between two disciplines to promote the readability of multilingual literature made in Finland. Using the poems of transcultural writers Finland-based, the photos will represent a contribution, an explanation or an interpretation of the texts itself.
Project coordination: Diana Rosy Ricárdez López (Sivuvalo’s Intern | UV)

Cultour and RTL projects are possible under Sivuvalo‘s internship programme in collaboration with Universidad Veracruzana (University of Veracruz, Mexico) and Dr. Olivia Jarvio (UV).