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In recent years writers and poets from different continents with different backgrounds have come to live in Finland due to various reasons. Some of them have managed to learn Finnish or Swedish fluently and dare to write in the language of their adopted homeland. A few have succeed to publish books in Finnish editorials and to win important Finnish literary prizes, traditionally reserved for Finnish authors.

Other authors have decided to continue writing in their mother tongues and are now making efforts to get an audience, even when their work has not been translated into the official languages. Some of them consider self-publishing or electronic publishing formats as an option to make a career in literature, while others try to find possibilities abroad.

Until now, the literary work of writers and poets writing in other languages, stays isolated and invisible, because there is a problem with obtaining translations. The result is a lack of publications and a lack of readers. Writers and poets overcome these obstacles by publishing in various platforms to generate creative ways to make their literary work visible.

Gradually all of these published and non-published authors began to be actively involved in the local literary field and to take part in the networks of Finnish writers, in events organized by traditional literary frameworks and by constructing new spaces, new scenarios and projects to share and present literary work written in other languages.

The Sivuvalo project collects information about authors, writers and poets living in Finland and about their initiatives and projects. The aim is to make visible the valuable literary work produced here. With this Sivuvalo expects to attract attention of the Finnish literary institutions and cultural policy makers and to make them realize that this issue is a question of equality. Writers and poets living in Finland and writing in other languages than the official languages, should have the same rights and possibilities as the authors, who write in Finnish and Swedish.

* Poets and writers


Abdulla Pashew

Adel Al sharki الشاعر عادل الشرقي

Abdi Abshir Dhoore 

Arvi Perttu 

Ahmed Zaidan

Amir Ezati 

Aya Chalabee

Andrei Karpin

Ainhoa González   

Allahmoradi Mohammadamin  

Bahaulddin Rawi  

Carina Chela              

Christelle Mas     

Chiman Qaradaxi    

Daniel Mo 

David Gambarte          

Diana Mistera 

Daniel Malpica 

Farzaneh Hatami Landi    

Fatma Nadaf

Galina Inkeroinen

Hamdam Zakirov          

Hassan Blasim 

Hashim Matouq   

Hope Nwosu

José Antonio Ruiz Rubio

Juan Rumi      

Keme Pellicer

Kiamars Baghbani  

Leonardo Sevilla 

Ljudmila Jakovleva             

Maritza Núñez Bejarano

Martina Miño

Maung Nyein Chan

Mehdi Ghasemi

Mohsen Emadi 

Mohamed Ahmed Haji Omar    

Muhaned Durubi

Natalja Meri  

Oliver Whitehead        

Olga Pussinen

Olga Svanberg

Payam Abdolsamadi

Polina Kopylova

Rosamaría Bolom

Ru Zham

Roxana Crisólogo

Saad Hadi   

Sadik Al-Husseini

Shahla Ezadi
Tanya Tynjälä      
Tao Lin 
Ye Yint Thet Zwe        
Yousif Abu Al Fawz 
Zoila Forss       

* Literary projects 

Ljudmila Kol, The literary magazine LiteraruS

Rosamaría Bolom, Salasanat monikielinen runo- ja taidetapahtuma

Carlos Llamas, Spanish writing circle Una Botella en la mar

Camilo Pajuelo § Juan Luis Moreno, Kuunsilta Proyecto para la difusión de poesía iberoamericana contemporánea.

* Associations

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