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We have been working since 2013 to scout for and showcase the works of Finland-based authors writing in non-official languages. For this purpose Sivuvalo organizes discussion panels, workshops, exhibitions, and a range of experimental literary events. 

We aim to promote a synergy with Finnish literary institutions and cultural policy makers to cast light on the representation of diverse literature as a matter of equality.

Nykyrunouden verkkoantologia and Maailmasta toiseen Festivaali- Latin American Literature in Finland 2022 are supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland (TAIKE).

Rating: 5 out of 5.

DIPLO -1- 2022

“We reflect about the meaning of translating Finnish, about the implications of using Russian or Spanish, yet we understand poetry to be something beyond the confines of language. On the ruins of utopia and avantgarde, we build new breathing spaces. To sound our brand-new world in crisis, we write the steaming seaweed on the coastline”.

— Sivuvalo Manifesto