Creative Writing in English

Writing in English outside the Anglosphere (especially if it’s your second language) brings a special set of pleasures and challenges to the table. As a language of globalization, with no centralized regulator, English is for many a tool of artistic expression and dialogue.

This workshop is intended for beginning and experienced writers who want to practice a variety of literary tools, and receive constructive, personalized feedback. The workshop can accommodate people who have no experience. Seasoned writers in search of razor-sharp feedback are also welcome.

Carve out a moment of your week and write in the company of fellow explorers. Whether you have a clear book project in mind or are looking for your style, the workshop is a means of expediting your progress. You can bring poems, short stories, plays, and movie scripts; you can mish-mash genres as you prefer.

Using well-known literary pieces, the instructor will offer an overview of the craft’s technical (and often invisible) aspects, while also providing exercises to trigger the participant’s writerly drive.

Kone Foundation-Sponsored Services for Writers

Instructor: José Luis Rico

A sample of the instructor’s work in English is available here:

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José Luis Rico
Writer and translator