Free Services for Writers

Thanks to Kone Foundation’s generous sponsorship for our project New Havens & Humanoids, in 2023-2024 Sivuvalo is offering several free services for writers who wish to improve their skills and expand their network:

  1. Creative Writing Workshop On-Site (Helsinki) (English). Link
  2. Creative Writing Workshop On-Site (Helsinki) (Spanish). Link
  3. Personalized Orientation for Foreign-Background Writers (Finnish, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Arabic) (Online & On-Site). Link

Creative writing is both a piece of cake and the hardest thing. Sometimes the gap between our intuitions and their verbal formulation is too big, sometimes joyfully narrow. To make the situation more complex, in a new linguistic or cultural milieu writers might struggle to gain traction and receive constructive support. Connect with fellow writers and explore new literary devices in a fun and respectful environment. For more information, please contact: