2013 – 2016

Sivuvalo and Multilingualism and diversity as a resource in the cultural field project

Steering group of Multilingualism and Diversity as a Resource in the Cultural Field project conducted by Culture for All met last Thursday 15th of September 2016 at Helsinki. Representatives from Norway, Sweden and Denmark and writers discussed on questions related to collaboration between Nordic literary institutions and to create a multilingual expert database. “How is it possible to support, evaluate […]


Sivuvalo at Kumina runouden festivaali 18.8-20.8.2016

Saaronniemi at 12:00 from 12.30 to 15.30 seminar on performing poetry, introduction from different participants, evening cooking and sauna. The seminar is a continuation of last Runoviikko discussions about translating poetry and talks of poetry in performance. Translation seminar and work shops Littera Baltica meeting is held in Turku Littera Baltica verkoston tulevaisuuden varalle ja […]