Futurible: Poetry from another present era | Runokuu Festival, 2016

Design by Daniel Malpica. Photo Background by Jaime Culebro.
Design by Daniel Malpica. Photo Background by Jaime Culebro.

LIVE multimedia poetry event organized by Sivuvalo project for the Experimental Lit Goes Gloria Theater at Runokuu Literary Festival in Helsinki, 2016.

Invited poets living in the Nordic countries: Nyein Chan Aung (Burma), Elizabeth Torres (Colombia) and Ahmed Zaidan (Iraq).

Music: Moritz Cartheuser (Germany)
Photography and Shooting (Japan): Jaime Culebro (Mexico)
Video Edition: Stephany Mazon (Mexico)
Sound Design: Alejandro Olarte (Colombia)
Host: Robotti
Production Design and Concept: Daniel Malpica (Mexico)

+ Sivuvalo is supported by Kone Foundation.


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MATKALLA POHJOLAAN – Runokuu: Multilingual Poetry, Music and Sound Art, 2015

MatkallaPohjolaan_Poster - A2

When does a journey end, if it does not have a return-ticket?

‘On the way to the North’ was a multidisciplinary and multilingual poetry night at Lavaklubi, National Theatre (Läntinen Teatterikuja 1, Helsinki) where international poets read their texts related to a journey’s end, its endlessness or its slow transmutation to everyday living. This night is organized by Sivuvalo project for the “Runokuu Poetry festival” as part of Kaiken maailman runot program that present a fresh selection of poetry in different languages.

Poets: Mazen Maarouf [Palestine/Iceland, 1978], Roxana Crisólogo [Peru, 1966], Ye Yint Thet Zwe [Burma], Sepideh Rahaa [Iran,1981] and Daniel Malpica [Mexico, 1988].

Musicians: Alejandro Montes de Oca [Mexico] and Romulus Chiciuc [Romania].

Scenic Adviser: David Kozma [Romania].

Production & Graphic Design: Daniel Malpica.

Host: Outi Korhonen [Finland].

Outi Korhonen, Romulus Chiciuc, Alejandro Montes de Oca – [Photograph: Zoila Forss]
Ye Yint Thet Zwe – Burma [Photograph: Zoila Forss]
Daniel Malpica
Daniel Malpica – Mexico [Photograph: Rosamaría Bolom]
Roxana Crisólogo / Peru [Photograph: Zoila Forss]
Mazen Maarouf – Palestina / Iceland [Photograph: Zoila Forss]
Finnish Poetry
As a surprise, Sivuvalo prepared a special program/magazine with translations of the poets into English and one in Finnish. Click on the image to see more of this publication or contact us at sivuvalo.project@gmail.com if you want to get a copy [Editorial and Graphic Design: Daniel Malpica]

Satakielikaupunki: Sivuvalo in Runokuu Festival 2014


Different views to contemporary Helsinki and its surroundings in poetry and stories of authors Yousif Abu Al Fawz, Polina Kopylova, Daniel Malpica and Roxana Crisólogo in Helsinki digital poetry map, a project produced in cooperation with The City Ghettos of Today and Sivuvalo. The presentation of the project was part of the program of Satakielikaupunki, Runokuu 2014 Literary Festival of Helsinki.

The poems were accompanied by improvised music by cellist Sergio Castrillón (Colombia). The panel discussion was hosted by the Regional Artist on Cultural Diversity, Outi Korhonen. The poems or extracts of texts were selected according to their relation to different places of Helsinki.

The City Ghettos of Today is a unique artistic initiative exploring the concept of ‘ghetto’ in 7 European cities. The activities of the project will take place in Helsinki between 8.9. and 20.9. These include a transforming installation that will form its contents in multidisciplinary workshops collaboratively with an international team of artists and local participants, a seminar that presents the cases of the project in the different cities, a series of workshops and public interview-discussions and two public performances related to the collectively built installation. At the heart of the project lies a desire to construct together meaningful experiences and new ways of understanding the concept of ghettos in different European cities. Do spatial, invisible or abstract walls separate groups of people from other groups? Why, when and how this happens in the different cities?

Outi Korhonen § Yousif Abu Al Fawz

Roxana Crisólogo
Outi Korhonen § Polina Kopylova
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