The City Ghettos of Today in Helsinki | 2014


Sivuvalo in The City Ghettos of Today – Helsinki program of September 8th-20th 2014.


The City Ghettos of Today – Helsinki focuses on knowledge, practices and skills that become isolated, when people move to Finland from other countries. In Helsinki, the limits between groups of people are not physical, nor as notably spatial as in some other cities. The ghettoization, if it exists, is a process of searching for a group among which it is possible to share the wisdom and values that are not recognized elsewhere in the society. These invisible “ghettos” are thus also sources of unknown skills and hidden knowledge. 

Authors Yousif Abu Al-Fawz, Tanya TynjäläDaniel Malpica, Polina Kopylova, Yesmith Sanchez and Roxana Crisólogo shared feelings and experiences related to the concept of ghetto.  Some of these authors also took part in the construction of the Tubes instalation and final performative intervention.

Helsinki literature
Tanya Tynjälä
Helsinki literature
Yousif Abu Al-Fawz

Tuesday 9. 9Cultural Centre Stoa Turunlinnantie Helsinki, Itäkeskus

Encounter: Helsinki views from Latin America. 

City Ghettos of Today
Yesmith Sánchez and Roxana Crisólogo

Encounter with Yousif Abu Al-Fawz, author of books including

Helsinki nightmares and Taikalintu

Iraq poetry in Helsinki
Outi Korhonen and Yousif Abu Al-Faws

Tuesday 16.9 Kansallisteatterin Lavaklubi – Stage Club, National Theatre

Seminar: Global pasts, local presents

14-18 Artists, writers, poets and researchers from Paris, Warsaw, Bologna, Helsinki and Berlin present their local contexts and cases of the The City Ghettos of Today project. Sivuvalo coordinator and Sivuvalo first book editor and designer made a short presentation of Sivuvalo project and told about the adventure to make its new book.

18-20  Poetry intervention with Daniel Malpica, Roxana Crisólogo and cellist Sergio Castrillón.

 * Friday 19.9 Performative intervention in commercial center Forum. Free entrance to all the events.

 The final results of the Ghettos project were compiled in a book where Sivuvalo is mentioned: