Satakielikuukausi 2015

Sata Programme PosterSivuvalo starts 2015 taking part of Satakielikuukausi 21.2-21.3 (The Month of a Hundred Languages) with several collaborations and activities.

To open February, we are going to have with a Video Poetry Marathon in collaboration with AVOIN GLAM network. The participant poets will experiment with Aalto University video archives. The project will be part of Hack Your Heritage festival.

Furthermore, Sivuvalo goes to Stoa between February and March with an exhibition of the project including a sample of  `Zebra crossing´ interactive project. During this period, in collaboration with Stoa and Vetovoima-hanke, we have prepared a series of poetry interventions in different pubs of Helsinki.

Simultaneously, Caisa will host lectures with writers from abroad and high school students. The meetings are organized by Lukukeskus and Caisa in cooperation with Sivuvalo.

At the end to February, “using pictures to transcend the boundaries of language”, Sivuvalo working group (Crisólogo & Malpica) and visual artist Edwina Goldstone will take part of My Day – My Life,  a multilingual comic art book workshop. 

Satakielikuukausi will finish with a Poetry Jam organized by Vuotalo, Sivuvalo and Helsinki Poetry Connection. We believe in the power of literature as a way to transform reality and people.