Satakielikuukausi Festival | 21.2-21.4.2015


Satakielikuukausi  (the month of a hundred languages) – is an annual festival that celebrates mother tongues, multilingualism and language diversity. During this month, the importance of native tongues and languages is examined through art exhibitions and performances, multimedia poetry readings, talks and workshops. Which is the sound of languages? How does it feel, look or taste? Can literature in other languages be considered national literature?

Sivuvalo is one of the partners of this festival. Follow our venues:

17.2.-8.3. | Stoa | Helsinki Sivuvalo exhibition

23.2. at 13-14 | Caisa | Helsinki Meet a writer: Hamdam Zakirov

24.2. at 13-14 | Caisa | Helsinki Meet a writer: Nura Farah

6.3. at 13-17 | Turun kaupunginkirjasto | Turku Seminar: Literature in many tongues – what languages does Finnish literature know?

20.3. at 13-14 | Caisa | Helsinki Meet a writer: Yosif Abu Al Fawz

21.3. at 14-15 | Caisa | Helsinki Viisi kieltä – viisi kirjailijaa [Press Release]

21.3. at 19-21.30 | Vuotalo | Helsinki Satakieliklubi, Poetry Club Night