March 9, 2019

Saman katon alla / Under samma tak / Under the Same Roof / Bajo el mismo techo is a poetry performance and reading organised by Sivuvalo and NolitchX.

Runous on myös tapa puhua ihmisoikeuksista. Poesi är ännu ett sätt att tala om mänskliga rättigheter. Poetry is also a way to talk about human rights. La poesía también habla de los derechos humanos. 

It’s International Women’s Day, so let’s celebrate women, gender diversity, human rights and poetry. Welcome to experience poetry performances by Lalo Barrubia (Uruguay/Sweden), Leif Holmstrand (Sweden) and Johanna Venho (Finland). The poems will be read in their original versions in Finnish, Spanish and Swedish. There will be Finnish translations by Anne Ketola and Hannimari Heino of the poems in Spanish and Swedish. 

More about the poets:
Lalo Barrubia
Leif Holmstrand
Johanna Venho

Photography: Roxana Crisólogo and Rosamaría Bolom

The event was a collaboration between NolitchX and Sivuvalo and made possible thanks to the support form Nordic Culture Point.

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