Yassen Ghaleb Aldhadi

Yaseen Ghaleb Aldhadi, is an Iraqi writer who is currently based in Helsinki, Finland since 2015. In 2005 he graduated as Bachelor of English Arts from the University of Basra, Iraq. Yassen is a writer of prose, articles and poetry. He is interested in pursuing dramatic writing. Yassen is member of Finnish writers associations as … Continue reading Yassen Ghaleb Aldhadi

Reading List by Vidha Saumya

Reading List Let there be new reading listsOf Pawar and DhasalAmbedkar, RamanMalagatti and BagulKandaswamy and GaddarChandrika and BamaPawar, RavikumarDevi, KambleSusairaj, LahiriBakshi, BediShivakami, ShyamalaDasnavi and TripathiAbraham, GhoshChirappad, BalaSambhariya, MandloiChauhan, DhalePritam, DesaiAdiga, RoyGiri SehgalManto, ChughtaiButalia, PremchandDehlvi, GuhaVirani, BagchiBhave, ChattopadhyayaDasgupta, DharGokhle, KolatkarNagarkar and BondJha and RenuKelkar and KhanSingh and KuttyChettiar-MukherjeeNarayanan, ElwinBhattacharya, AnandChaudhuri, GopalNahal, EzekielDaruwala, DasSahgal, KumarSeth and DevyMoraes, SealyRamanujan, … Continue reading Reading List by Vidha Saumya

Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo

Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo is a writer, poet, protest musician, and human rights defender from Zimbabwe. He is a resident of Safe Haven Helsinki an artist residency organized by Perpetuum Mobile ry and Helsinki International Artist Program. Government of Thieves (Dedicated to the suffering mass in the Republic of Zimbabwe) They came holding their riflesCamouflaged in … Continue reading Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo

Hope Nwosu

Hope Nwosu is an award winning writer with English language and Literature degree from Nigeria University. She writes short stories and novels. Hope lives in Finland.Her work is focused on life's challenges, gender issues and women empowerment especially for the marginalized African women. "The Hairdresser" won the best short story competition on Storymondo. It was … Continue reading Hope Nwosu

Hashim Matouq

Hashim Matouq is a poet from Bagdad, Iraq, where he studied literature. Hashim published three poetry collections. He is member of Iraq Literature and Arts Association, if you want to know more about his poetry work visit ahewar.org. Hashim Matouq lives and works in Turku, Finland. Photography: Jaime Culebro Suomennos: Sampsa Peltonen Tuo mahtava hetkiInspiraatio, kirjoittaminenon hekumaamusiikin hurmaavalmiustila … Continue reading Hashim Matouq


Kemê (SPA) is a visual artist, poet, singer and culture worker based in Helsinki who works with photography, performance, Installation and text, In a process that explores the complexity of our construction and the constructions we inhabit, as our roles in it, not predefined or static.As a poet, Kemê starts writing at an early age at … Continue reading Kemê

Randi W. Stebbins

Several careers, countries, and languages have shaped Randi’s writing, teaching, and coaching. She writes at the margins between science and society, logic and love, and sound and poetry. Her work has appeared in the exhibitions We are Ós/Þetta er Us (Reykjavík and Akureyri) and Art Gamers (Iceland and Poland), at cultural events, and in the … Continue reading Randi W. Stebbins

Sivuvalo poetry reading at Finnish Parliament

15.11.2018 Arkadia-seuran taideaamussa Pikkuparlamentissa Sivuvalo Platform ry tarjosi monikielistä runoutta. Vuodesta 2013 toiminut, aktiivisuudestaan palkittu Sivuvalo-työryhmä edistää monikielistä kirjallisuutta ja kielellistä yhdenvertaisuutta Suomessa ja pyrkii kannustamaan suomalaisia kirjallisuusinstituutioita ja kulttuurialan päättäjiä tasa-arvoiseen päätöksentekoon www.sivuvalo.com. Tilaisuudessa kuultiin runoutta neljällä kielellä: Zoila Forss (Peru), Farzaneh Hatami Landi (Iran), Hamdam Zakirov (Uzbekistan) ja Ye Yint Thet Zwe (Burma). Sivuvalo … Continue reading Sivuvalo poetry reading at Finnish Parliament

Shashank Mane

  Shashank Mane has previously appeared for short fiction in Every Writer Magazine, Indiana Voice Journal, Vignette Review, Diverse Voices Quarterly, The Creative Truth, and Gravel Lit. His debut collection of short stories and poetry titled “Moments” is available through Amazon. He has lived in Finland since 2013. The Butterfly, is the first story in … Continue reading Shashank Mane

Mehdi Ghasemi

Mehdi Ghasemi is PhD from the English Department at the University of Turku, Finland. He is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Tampere, working on a project, entitled “Toward a More Inclusive and Comprehensive Finnish Literature.” He has already published four scholarly books, twelve papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals in addition to two fiction … Continue reading Mehdi Ghasemi


Vidha Saumya is a drawer, cook, and a bookmaker. She seeks visual interest in the idea of congregating bodies, popular culture and the notion of deformity. She has held solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions in Lahore, Mumbai, Helsinki, and Tampere. She is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Visual Culture and Contemporary Art … Continue reading VIDHA SAUMYA

Dorra Azzouz

    Dorra Azzouz  is a poet and painter born in Tunisia, studied literature and Art in the École des Arts, her artistic name is Dora Az. Dorra writes in Arabic, her mother tongue, but also in French, English and Italian. "My writing - says Dorra- started at the age of thirteen and never stoped since and hopefully … Continue reading Dorra Azzouz