Runokohtauksia meets Sivuvalo 11.12.

Sivuvalo project met Runokohtauksia project. The discussion was hosted by Rita Paqvalén (Culture for all) and Tomi Purovaara (Lukukeskus).

Sivuvalo and Runokohtauksia, both multilingual and multicultural projects discussed on the question of authors who does not write in Finnish or Swedish. The discussion focused on problems that face writers when they dont find a way neither support to translate their writings into Finnish or Swedish. Italian writer Diana Mistera presented a testimony of her experience in Runokohtauksia project. Translator Juha Kulmala explained  Runokhtauksia translation method that consists of organise meetings with Finnish poets and poets in other languages. Runokhtaksia  provide some translations from Kurdish, Arab, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

Rita Paqvalén presented an alternative according to which books wrote for authors in other languages could be evaluated and translated.  To do this should be necessary to build a bank of readers and a bank of translators.

11.12.13 SivuvaloThe discussion finish with the presentation of videopoetry by Peruvian poet Zoila Forss. Juha Kulmala red his translations into Finnish of Kurdish poet Nzar Kwestani. Finally Diana Mistera red her poems versions in English and Italian

* Organised byt: Lukukeskus, Kulttuuria kaikille -palvelu, Sivuvalo and Runokohtauksia project..

* Language of the event: Finnish, Italian, Kurdish, English, Spanish.


Arkadia International Bookshop.

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