Book presentations

BookFlyerArkadia-01June 25 I 19h
Poetry Showcase at Third Space.

Before mid-year holidays Sivuvalo in cooperation with Third Space and [Radiador] Magazine organised the first presentation of Sivuvalo Cartonero book.  As part of the program was showed Sivuvalo Book-trailer.

After the presentation by Roxana Crisólogo & Daniel Malpica editors of the book, some of the authors who are published in the book took the stage.

The program began with Maila-Kaarina Rantanen poetry who performed in Portuguese and English, after was the turn of Tanya Tynjälä , a science fiction writer. A  Performance by Rosamaría Bolom inspired in Mexico city broke the silence of words. The program finnished with Daniel Malpica that performed his poetry in a musical improvisation dialogue with cellist Sergio Castrillón.


August 16th, 2014. 16.00.
Arkadia International Bookshop

Sivuvalo & [Radiador] Magazine continued organising presentations of their first artisanal book published last May in Maailman Kirjat 2014.

This time, Sivuvalo, is this Finnish literature? the name of the book that is also the name and the question mark of the project, was the center of discussion. Questions related to this concept provoke an intense dicussion.

Does this book show Finnish literature? What is Finnish literature? Could be considered Finnish literature one wrote in other language than Finnish or Swedish? Who can be Finnish writer? Where is the homeland of a writer who works in a different country? why writer identity should only be defined by mother tongue or territory?

To author David Gambarte (Spain) is important that an immigrant writer to be considered as a Finnish writer because this is a civil rights issue.

Tanya Tynjälä (Peru) said: “No matter how well we know a foreign language it is very difficult to write in that language. Creating in a foreign language is so, very difficult and some how unnatural. There are some few people that have done it (Samuel Beckett in French for example) but this is not for everybody”.


Sivuvalo kirja presentatio
Tanya Tynjälä
Sivuvalo kirja presentatio
David Gambarte

* Sivuvalo explores and faces those identities called transnationals. Speaking a different language, have a diverse identity should not be a barrier in a globalized world. This is a fact, immigrant authors living in Finland does not write in Finnish or Swedish, they continue creating in their mother tongues. This situation instead of being a problem should be regarded as an advantage that Finnish society could use in the best way. This first Sivuvalo book when show texts in different languages without translation wants to create awareness about the existence of that kind of literary work produced in Finland. This book is a complicated case of use of language that we deal with using creativity but also accepting the languages and identities of the Other.