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ROAĐĐI – ROSA BOREAL is a poetry compilation of contemporary Sámi poetry of  Inger-Mari Aikio y Niillas Holmberg in three languages (Sámi-Spanish-English) published by Sivuvalo project in Helsinki.

Translations of Niillas Holmberg’s poems into Spanish were made from English translations by Daniel Malpica.

Translations of Inger Mari Aikio’s poems into Spanish were made from Finnish translations by Zoila Forss and Roxana Crisólogo.

The printing of this book was made as part of an internship program between Sivuvalo and  Stadin ammattiopisto, a professional school of design, printing and visual arts.

We thank Kone Foundation for supporting the project and FILI – Finnish Literature Exchange for supporting the translations produced for this publication.

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Songs of life & death – Poetry, Music and Performance [Gallery]


“Songs of Life and Death” was multidisciplinary poetry night in October of 2014 at Caisa Cultural Centre. There, international writers and musicians explored the border between the light and the shadow to honored the “Day of the Dead”, an ancient  Mexican tradition focused in the people who have passed away. For that night, Caisa’s festivity hall was transformed into an indoor picnic place plenty of food, poetry, dance, music and an open microphone for the audience.

POETRY Daniel Malpica (Mexico), Olga Svanberg (Russia), Rosamaria Bolom (Mexico), Natalja Meri (Russia), Roxana Crisólogo Correa (Peru) and Kasper Salonen (Finland).

MUSIC James Andean (Canada), Iiris Tarnanen (Finland), Sergio Castrillón (Colombia).

[ Organizers ] Salasanat Finland, Sivuvalo project with the support of Kone Foundation, Sibelius Academy -Glomas- Global Music Master, Suomen venäjänkielisten kirjailijoiden yhdistys, Logrus and Caisa International Cultural Centre.

Photographs: Jaime Culebro

Helsinki Literature
James Andean and Kasper Salonen [Photograph: Jaime Culebro]
Poetry Jam in Helsinki
Iris Tarnanen [Photograph: Jaime Culebro]
Graphic Score Mexico
Daniel Malpica [Photograph: Jaime Culebro]
Mexican artist in Finland
Rosamaría Bolom [Photograph: Jaime Culebro]
Experimental music in Helsinki
Sergio Castrillón and James Andean [Photograph: Jaime Culebro]
Experimental poerty in Helsinki
Electronic Detail [Photograph: Jaime Culebro]

Songs of life § death 31.10

On the last day of October, international writers and musicians will explore the border of the shadows to celebrate the “Day of the Dead”, an ancient and colorfull Mexican tradition for remember the people who have died. For this night, Caisa’s festivity hall will be transformed into an indoor picnic full of poetry, dance, music and mesopotamian coffee. 
Bring your own food, grab a space and some pillows on the floor, and enjoy a late-autumn picnic full of poetry, music, and exciting performances and improvisations!The first part of the evening will include performances by our invited poets and musicians, in various languages and forms!In the second part of the evening, our house band is available to improvise to your poetry! Bring your own poems (in any language), go on stage, and experience what it’s like to have a group of musicians jam to your words. After that, the mic is totally open – bring anything to the stage, in any artform, and maybe invite anyone else to join you. You want to dance? Maybe someone wants to improvise poetry on top of it. Bring a piece of music? Maybe someone wants to dance to it.Pre-registration for Jam session with house band:There are 15 slots for the jam: we will accept up to eight people for pre-registration, and the rest can sign-up at the venue itself. Please send an email to by Oct 23 to register your interest – subject “PICNIC CLUB JAM” and include: Full name, language, artform, and whether you would like the house band to join in and improvise to your poem. Please note that only pre-registered performers will be accompanied by the special house band.

:: The event will be hosted by Kasper Salonen.
:: Invited Artists::
POETRY – Daniel Malpica (Mexico), Olga Svanberg (Russia), Rosamaria Bolom (Mexico), Natalja Meri (Russia), Roxana Crisólogo Correa (Peru) and Kasper Salonen (Finland).
MUSIC – James Andean (Canada), Iiris Tarnanen (Finland), Sergio Castrillón (Colombia).
The table is served! Bring your favorite blanket and come to enjoy the best recipes of the house.
[ Organizers ] – Salasanat Finland, Sivuvalo. Onko tämä suomalaista kirjallisuutta? with the support of Kone Foundation, Sibelius Academy -Glomas- Global Music Master, Suomen venäjänkielisten kirjailijoiden yhdistys, Logrus and Caisa International Cultural Centre.
31.10.14 at 19:00 h.
CAISA, International Cultural Center. Facebook event here.
Fee: 5 €

Designed by Daniel Malpica


Book presentations

BookFlyerArkadia-01June 25 I 19h
Poetry Showcase at Third Space.

Before mid-year holidays Sivuvalo in cooperation with Third Space and [Radiador] Magazine organised the first presentation of Sivuvalo Cartonero book.  As part of the program was showed Sivuvalo Book-trailer.

After the presentation by Roxana Crisólogo & Daniel Malpica editors of the book, some of the authors who are published in the book took the stage.

The program began with Maila-Kaarina Rantanen poetry who performed in Portuguese and English, after was the turn of Tanya Tynjälä , a science fiction writer. A  Performance by Rosamaría Bolom inspired in Mexico city broke the silence of words. The program finnished with Daniel Malpica that performed his poetry in a musical improvisation dialogue with cellist Sergio Castrillón.


August 16th, 2014. 16.00.
Arkadia International Bookshop

Sivuvalo & [Radiador] Magazine continued organising presentations of their first artisanal book published last May in Maailman Kirjat 2014.

This time, Sivuvalo, is this Finnish literature? the name of the book that is also the name and the question mark of the project, was the center of discussion. Questions related to this concept provoke an intense dicussion.

Does this book show Finnish literature? What is Finnish literature? Could be considered Finnish literature one wrote in other language than Finnish or Swedish? Who can be Finnish writer? Where is the homeland of a writer who works in a different country? why writer identity should only be defined by mother tongue or territory?

To author David Gambarte (Spain) is important that an immigrant writer to be considered as a Finnish writer because this is a civil rights issue.

Tanya Tynjälä (Peru) said: “No matter how well we know a foreign language it is very difficult to write in that language. Creating in a foreign language is so, very difficult and some how unnatural. There are some few people that have done it (Samuel Beckett in French for example) but this is not for everybody”.


Sivuvalo kirja presentatio
Tanya Tynjälä

Sivuvalo kirja presentatio
David Gambarte

* Sivuvalo explores and faces those identities called transnationals. Speaking a different language, have a diverse identity should not be a barrier in a globalized world. This is a fact, immigrant authors living in Finland does not write in Finnish or Swedish, they continue creating in their mother tongues. This situation instead of being a problem should be regarded as an advantage that Finnish society could use in the best way. This first Sivuvalo book when show texts in different languages without translation wants to create awareness about the existence of that kind of literary work produced in Finland. This book is a complicated case of use of language that we deal with using creativity but also accepting the languages and identities of the Other. 


Espan lava – Päivitä Leino! 2014

Espan LavaTämän päivän Eino Leinot valtaavat Espan lavan Runon ja suven päivänä sunnuntaina 6.7.2014 klo 12-16. Esiintymässä runoilijoita ja muusikoita, joita yhdistää rakkaus kieleen ja runouteen. Kuulemmepa myös pakinointia à la Leino tutun radioäänen, Jarmo Heikkisen, esittämänä.

Lavalle nousevat mm. Aurinkokettu, Mikael Brygger, Pauliina Haasjoki, J. K. Ihalainen, Illmari, Albeniz Clayton (Brasil), Daniel Malpica (Meksiko), Roxana Crisólogo (Peru), sellisti Sergio Castrillón (Kolumbia) sekä liuta muita huipputyyppejä, kuten Teemu Manninen ja Heinäsirkka & Marko Riihonen duo!

Tervetuloa juhlimaan kanssamme sanan säkenöivää voimaa ja suven suloisuutta! 
Espan Lava, Esplanadin puisto, 00130 Helsinki
Helsinki literature
Albeniz Clayton § Sergio Castrillón [Photo by Yaxkin Melchy]
Helsinki literature
Daniel Malpica § Sergio Castrillón. [Photo by Yaxkin Melchy]

Poets who write in other languages present in celebration of Finnish poet Eino Leino this Sunday, 6 of July of 2014 in Espan lava.

Between 13.15 and 13.45 welcome to listen poetry of Albeniz Clayton (Brasil), Daniel Malpica (Mexico) and Roxana Crisólogo (Peru) accompanied by the Colombian cellist Sergio Castrillón.

Organised by Eino Leino seura in cooperation with Helsingin kaupungin kulttuuriasiainkeskus, Päivälehden museo and Sivuvalo – Onko tämä suomalaista kirjallisuutta?

Helsinki literature
Roxana Crisólogo § Sergio Castrillón [Photo by Yaxkin Melchy]


Miia Toivio and Sergio Castrillón (Photo by Yaxkin Melchy)

Satakieli kaupunki – Runokuu 22.8


Klo 18–21
Lavaklubi, Läntinen teatterikuja 1, vapaa pääsy

Sivuvalo-projektin erikielisten runoilijoiden Helsinkiin sijoittuva paikkasidonnainen runous sijoittaa kaupungin kartalle eri puolilta maailmaa tulleiden kaupunkilaisten kokemuksia. Runoesitystä seuraa keskustelu erilaisista Helsingeistä muualta tulleiden silmin. Satakielikaupunki-ilta ja digitaalinen runokartta toteutetaan yhteistyössä eurooppalaisen City Ghettos of Today -projektin kanssa. Mukana kirjailijat Roxana Crisólogo (Peru), Yousif Abu Al-Fawz (Irak), Polina Kopylova (Venäjä) ja Daniel Malpica (Meksiko). Runoja kommentoi musiikki-improvisaatioilla sellisti Sergio Castrillón (Kolumbia). Keskustelua johtaa monikulttuurisuusläänintaiteilija Outi Korhonen. Ilta päättyy Finnphonia Emigrantican esitykseen, jossa metsästetään suomalaisuuden ydintä. Mitä tapahtuu, kun maahanmuuttaja kertoo Suomesta, esittää suomalaisuutta kuvaavan nykytekstin omalla äidinkielellään? Lavalla kuullaan suomalaisten kirjoittajien tekstejä suomalaisuudesta, mutta tällä kertaa esityskielinä ovat unkari, ranska, tanska, ruotsi, englanti, swahili, luganda, romania, venäjä ja suomi. Esitys tekstitetään suomeksi. Esiintyjät: Romulus ChiciucMad IceOlga Shishkina,Sara Soulié. Ohjaus: David Kozma.

Järjestäjät: Runokuu, Sivuvalo-projekti, City Ghettos of Today ja European Theatre Collective.


Sivuvalo project´s multilingual writers color the map of Helsinki with their site-specific poetry. The poetry performance is followed by a discussion about different Helsinkis, seen from the point of view of people who have come here from other countries. The Satakielikaupunki-evening and a digital poetry map will be realized together with the European City Ghettos of Today project. Poets and writers: Roxana Crisólogo (Peru), Yousif Abu Al-Fawz (Iraq), Polina Kopylova (Russia) and Daniel Malpica (Mexico). Cellist Sergio Castrillón (Colombia) comments the poetry with music improvisation. The conversation is moderated by Outi Korhonen, regional artist on cultural diversity. The evening finishes with the presentation of Finnphonia Emigrantica, that searches for the core of the Finnishness. What happens, when an immigrant tells about Finland, presents a contemporary text about being Finnish in his or her mothertongue? We´ll hear texts of Finnishness written ny Finnish people, but this time presented in Hungarian, French, Danish, Swedish, English, Swahili, Luganda, Rumania, Russian and Finnish.

Organised by: Runokuu, Sivuvalo-project, European Theatre Collective and City Ghettos of Today -project.


Varoitus: Tämä kirja on kielenkäytöllisesti monimutkainen tapaus

Varoitus: Tämä kirja on kielenkäytöllisesti monimutkainen tapaus 

Warning: This book is a complicated case of use of language


10357723_498776323557111_8329152717939894385_o[Radiador], Sivuvalo ja Into Kustannus julkaisevat yhdessä libro cartonero –runokokoelman. Kirja sisältää Suomessa asuvien mutta muilla kuin suomen tai ruotsin kielellä kirjoittavien runoilijoiden ja kirjailijoiden töitä:

Marcel Jaentschke (Nicaragua), Diana Mistera (Italia), Mohamed Ahmed Haji Omar (Somalia/Suomi), David Gambarte (Espanja), Rosamaria Bolom(México), Maila-Kaarina Rantanen (Brasilia), Tanya Tynjälä (Peru), Polina Kopylova (Venäjä), Roxana Crisologo (Peru) y Daniel Malpica (Meksiko).

Como lo es la naturaleza de cualquier edición cartonera, su apuesta es también política.