( suomi) (español)

September 17th, 5:30pm 
Online Transmission from the Embassy of Spain in Helsinki.

LinkMicrosoft Teams Meeting
Moderated by: José Luis Rico

In this conversation, writers will address territorial and globalized aesthetics in the context of Spanish and Portuguese cultural essay and theory. What are the objects of predilection of the contemporary essay? What is the role of Spanish- and Portuguese-language theory in an academic world so influenced by English and the Anglo-Saxon tradition? Is there still an Atlantic divide in literature? A Northern- and Southern-European divide? What parricides and what resurrections are happening before our eyes in the landscape of contemporary literature? What are the best kept secrets of literature in Spanish and Portuguese?

Featuring: Alejandro Pedregal (Spain), Georgina Gebey (Mex), Giorgio Lavezzaro (Mex/Italy), Rodrigo García Bonillas (Mex), Lucia Pi (Mex).

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