Panel: Latin American Essay after Globalization in X Ceisal International Conference

Tuesday June 14th, 17:35-19:00 | Metsätalo Room 6 | Unioninkatu 40, Helsinki University
Participants: authors Laura Erber (BR) and Rodrigo García Bonillas (MEX)
Moderator: José Luis Rico

This is the first event of Maailmasta toiseen festival 2022 organised by Sivuvalo in cooperation with Helsinki University, Embassy of Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mexico based in Finland.

Red the whole programme of CEISAL International Conference


The essay’s hybrid character has afforded it a prevalent position in the panorama of Latin American reflection and cultural analysis. Nationalistic or cosmopolitan, Parnassian or committedly political, the genre has mapped Latin American transformation and continues to do so in the midst of intensified symbolic trade and growing migratory restrictions. What are the prevalent issues the genre addresses at this historical juncture? What are the ties of the literary essay to academia in a world where the Northern Atlantic institutions concentrate material resources and human capital? Will the essay return to a regional scope of analysis? Will it afford a specifically Latin American perspective on de-globalization? Researchers Laura Erber (Brazil, University of Copenhagen) and Rodrigo García (Mexico, University of Potsdam) will expound on these issues and discuss their own pursuits as essayists.

Laura Erber is a Visiting Professor and instructor of Brazilian Studies at the Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies – University of Copenhagen. Her most recent book of essays O artista improdutivo was recently published by Âyné in Brazil. 

Her four books of poetry include Os corpos e os dias (2008), which was shortlisted for the Jabuti Award. She has collaborated with Italian writer Federico Nicolao on the book Celia Misteriosa (2007) and with artist Laercio Redondo on the video project The Glass House (1999–2008), and has exhibited her work across Europe and Brazil.

Her book on the Romanian theorist and poet Ghérasim Luca is forthcoming this December. Erber’s first novel, Os esquilos de Pavlov, was published in 2013.

Rodrigo García Bonillas is a doctoral student of Latin American literature at the Potsdam University’s Institut für Romanistik under Professor Ottmar Ette.

For his work as an essay writer, he has been awarded several grants including the Fundación para las Letras Mexicanas’ Young Writer’s Development Grant (2010-2012), the Mexican National Endowment for the Arts’ Young Artists’ Grant (2012-2013).

In 2018, García Bonillas’ book Gótica del búho. Sobre el “Insomnio tercero” de José Gorostiza won the 15th International Essay Prize awarded by the acclaimed Siglo XXI publishing house in Mexico.