Ricardo Domeneck

Photo credit: Francisco Ovando
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Ricardo Domeneck is a poet, essayist, visual artist and performer born in Bebedouro, São Paulo, Brazil, in 1977. He has published nine collections of poetry and two collections of prose in Brazil, and volumes of his writing have been published in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. He has performed at Museo Reina Sofía in Madrid, Museo Experimental El Eco in Mexico City, and other galleries and institutions. For Biennial of the Americas in Denver, Colorado, in 2013, he prepared a billboard-poem. He has collaborated with Brazilian and German musicians such as Tetine, Lea Porcelain, Nelson Bell and Francisco Bley. With Ellison Glenn, he runs Gully Havoc, a platform for music and text based in Berlin. Ricardo Domeneck lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Read Ricardo Domeneck poem “Carta ao pai” in its original version and translated into Finnish by Tarja Härkönen.