Mexican Natures – Ecocide and Biodiversity in Latin American Literature

Monday October 3rd. 2022 | 17.00-18.00 | Sivullinen – Helsinki
Discussion with Mexican author Diego Olavarría, moderated by José Luis Rico

[The discussion is available in youtube following this link ]

Diego Olavarría is a non-fiction writer and translator. His debut book, El paralelo etíope (FETA, 2015), won the Premio Nacional de Crónica Joven Ricardo Garibay. His second book, Historia de nuestro futuro (Fondo mexicano para la conservación de la naturaleza, 2019) traces the main historical trends that have transformed the natural environment of Mexico. His work Honduras, o el canto del gallo was awarded the Premio Bellas Artes de Crónica Literaria Carlos Montemayor 2020.

📗Olavarría and the moderator discussed the experience of nature in Latin American literature, while finding points of intersection and contrast with Finnish culture and finding the connections to larger civilizational processes.

Thanks for the hospitality Rosebud Books – Kirjakauppoja. Bookshops.