VIDEOPOETRY Marathon – Aalto Media Factory

A selection of four videopoems made by media artists and poets as part of Videopoetry Marathon during Hack your heritage festival at Aalto Media Factory, Helsinki, 2015.

Workshop facilitated by Mariana Salgado, an interaction design-researcher working as postdoctoral researcher in Arki Research Group, Media Department, School of Art, Design and Arquitecture, Aalto University.

The last videopoem corresponds to Visual Poetics of Resistance Videopoetry project.

Infinito, poem by Zoila Forss. Video: Guy Dowsett. Videopoem made in Videopoetry Marathon.

X-Written, poem by Daniel Malpica, translated by Aurelio Meza. Video by Daniel Malpica, Jakub Bobrowski & Arttu Liimatta. Videopoem made in Videopoetry Marathon.

Motorisoituja muistoja / Travel by train to find again the faces of yesterday, poem by Rosamaría Bolom. Sound mix by Eero Heikkinen. Animation by Wang Jing. Video editing: Break interactive. Poem translated by Johanna Suhonen, Joonas Partanen and Wang Jing. Videopoem made in Videopoetry Marathon.

Law 0, based on the text of Tanya Tynjälä. Edition by Eva Durall. Videopoem made in Videopoetry Marathon.

Me separo de mi hija sin mala conciencia, poem by Roxana Crisólogo, Video made by Fermín Tanguis. Videopoem is part of Visual Poetics of Resistance project, Lima, Perú, 2007.