Satakieliklubi – Live Poetry Night at Vuotalo 21.3.2015


Satakieliklubi 21.03.2015 was an experimental and multilingual poetry night in Voutalo, eastern Helsinki, and it was the closing event of Satakielikuukausi festival. The night brought a variety of international writers performing among two excellent Colombian musicians; the projection of a Video-Poetry Series created in a workshop in collaboration with Hack Your Heritage Festival at Aalto University; and an Open Microphone as well.  This projects was developed by Sivuvalo in collaboration with Stoa, Vuotalo and Helsinki Poetry Connection. Special thanks to Petra Hannus.

Poets: Hamdam Zakirov (Uzbekistan), Roxana Crisólogo (Peru), Daniel Malpica (Mexico), Christelle Mas (France) and Kári Tulinius (Iceland) .

Videopoetry: Zoila Forss & Guy Dowsett; Daniel Malpica, Jakub Bobrowski & Arttu Liimatta and Tanya Tynjälä & Eva Durall.

Musicians: Sergio Castrillón – Cello (Colombia) and Alejandro Olarte – Electroacoustic Music and Sound Atmospheres (Colombia).

Production and Graphic Design: Daniel Malpica (Mexico).

Host: Poet Kasper Salonen (Suomi).

Moments of a shamanic poetry night

Helsinki literature
Handam Zakirov – Uzbekistan [Photograph: Roxana Crisólogo]
Outi Korhonen § Roxana Crisólogo. Finland – Peru
Helsinki literature
Outi Korhonen § Roxana Crisólogo. Finland – Peru [Photograph: Zoila Forss]
Kári Tulinius. Island [Photograph: Nataly Mazon]
Helsinki literature
Christelle Mas § Alejandro Olarte. France – Colombia [Photograph: Roxana Crisólogo]
Helsinki literature
Alejandro Olarte § Daniel Malpica § Sergio Castrillón. Colombia- Mexico- Colombia [Photograph: Roxana Crisólogo]
Helsinki literature
Kasper Salonen. Finland [Photograph: Roxana Crisólogo]

The open mic once again was wonderful

Helsinki literature
Zoila Forss. Peru [Photograph: Roxana Crisólogo]
David Gambarte. Spain [Photograph: Nataly Mazon]
Helsinki literature
Daniel Malpica (Mexico) § Alejandro Olarte (Colombia)
Helsinki literature
Sergio Castrillón (Colombia)