Seminar: LIterature without borders


The Nordic countries are becoming more and more multilingual, and many writers living in the Nordic countries are writing in other languages than the Nordic ones.

The increasing multilingualism of the North brings new possibilities, but also challenges to the field of literature. What is the position of the writers writing in other languages than the national ones within the literary field and how does literature travel across language and national borders in the Nordic countries?

The aim of the seminar Literature without borders is to examine the literary field from a multilingual perspective and to find new approaches and solutions to the problems that these writers are facing in the field of Nordic literature.

The seminar took place on 18.3.2016 at 9.00-18.00 in the Nordic Culture Point and International Cultural Centre Caisa (Meeting rooms, Vuorikatu 14, 2nd Floor). The day continued with FR33MHz: Mutanttikieltä  multilingual literature club organized by Sivuvalo and European Theater Collective in the International Cultural Centre Caisa (Festivity Hall, Vuorikatu 14, 1st Floor) at 19.00.

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Outi Korhonen

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Photos by: Inger-Mari Aikio