Design by Payam Abdolsamadi

FR33MHz – MUTANTTIKIELTÄ was an Electro-Poetry Night where freedom and human rights are more current than ever before. The political changes in Finland as well as the financial and humanitarian crises are pushing people to the extremes. So we have to stick together and not let hatred, violence and extremism win. Language itself might be our best ally. The event will focused on transcultural and multilingual poets and writers living in the Nordic countries and writing in their mother tongue.

FR33MHz is an original project developed by David Kozma, Romulus Chiciuc and the European theatre collective created in 2012. It represents a tribute to freedom of speech using the radio signal as a tool to connect people.

MUTANTTIKIELTÄ is an experimental language program created by Sivuvalo project in 2015. It looks to acknowledged the problematic of literary translation as a core subject for writers in times of Diaspora: The right to be listened, the right to be read. Which will be the literary corpus in the following decades, in which languages?

Languages: Arabic, Russian, Italian, Bengali, Sami, Finnish, Swedish and English.

POEMS and texts will be performed by:

Mazen Maarouf (Palestine/Icelandi)
Manal Al-Sheikh. (Iraq)
Anisur Rahman (Bangladesh)
Hamdam Zakirov (Uzbekistan)
Diana Mistera (Italy)
Inger-Mari Aikio  (Sámi)
Harri Hertell (Finland)
Bosse Hellsten  (Finland)

Romulus Chiciuc 

David Kozma

Organizers: Etc, Sivuvalo, CaisaSuomen Kirjailijaliitto r.yFinlands svenska författareförening.

Mazen Maarouf
Palestinian writer Mazen Maarouf (Photo by Daniel Malpica)
Manal Al-Sheik
Iraqi poet Manal Al-Sheik (Photo by Daniel Malpica)
Bosse Hellsten
Finnish-Swedish poet Bosse Hellsten (Photo by Daniel Malpica)
David Kozma
Romanian Theater Director David Kozma (Photo by Daniel Malpica)
Inger-Mari Aikio
Sámi poet Inger-Mari Aikio (Photo by Daniel Malpica)
Hamdam Zakirov
Uzbek poet Hamdam Zakirov (Photo by Daniel Malpica)
Harri Hertell
Finnish poet Harri Hertell (Photo by Daniel Malpica)
Romulus Chiciuk
Electronic music by Romanian musician and actor Romulus Chiciuk (Photo by Daniel Malpica)