Sivuvalo’s Publishing Series – Karu Kartonera

Karu Kartonera - Sivuvalo Books

Sivuvalo project launches its first non-profit poetry book series called ‘Karu Kartonera’ on behalf of the right that international writers living in Finland must have to publish in their own mother tongue. The collection is a long term publishing cooperation with Stadin Ammatiopisto.

Titles of the collection:


We hate war, mother! a poetry book by refugee writer based in Finland Ye Yint Thet Zwe (Burma,1964). Trilingual edition: Burmese, Finnish and English. Translated by Anne Ketola and Sami Häninen.
Roađđi: poetry compilation by Sámi contemporary writers Niillas Holmberg and Inger-Mari Aikio. Trilingual edition: Sámi, Spanish and English. Translatons by Daniel Malpica, Zoila Forss, Roxana Crisólogo, Lisa Jokivirta, Clive Boutle, Charles Peterson, Georgina Willms, Johanna Domokos, Pekka Sammallahti and the authors.







SivuBook Invisible
Sivuvalo: Is this Finnish Literature?. Lit compilation by Marcel Jaentschke (Nicaragua), Diana Mistera (Italy), Mohamed Ahmed Haji Omar (Somalia/Suomi), David Gambarte (Spain), Rosamaria Bolom (Mexico), Maila-Kaarina Rantanen (Brasil), Tanya Tynjälä (Peru), Polina Kopylova (Russia), Roxana Crisólogo (Peru) and Daniel Malpica (Mexico). Multilingual Edition. Publishers: [Radiador] Magazine and Sivuvalo.