Sivuvalo at Kumina runouden festivaali 18.8-20.8.2016

Saaronniemi at 12:00 from 12.30 to 15.30 seminar on performing poetry, introduction from different participants, evening cooking and sauna.

The seminar is a continuation of last Runoviikko discussions about translating poetry and talks of poetry in performance.

Translation seminar and work shops

Littera Baltica meeting is held in Turku

Littera Baltica verkoston tulevaisuuden varalle ja niihinkin keskusteluihin saa osallistua,

rounds of discussions and presentations and full of vitality poetry reading organised by Littera Baltica at Kumina – Uuden kansanmusiikin ja runouden festivaali at Kirjan talo, Turku. Let´s talk more on future local and international collaboration and networking with authors living in Nordic countries and Europe. We share the same challenges.

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