Rosa Boreal

Sámi poetry arrives to Mexico

Designed by Daniel Malpica

ROSA BOREAL ‘ROAĐĐI: Contemporary Sámi Poetry’ is a poetry compilation in three languages (Sámi-Spanish-English) of  Inger-Mari Aikio y Niillas Holmberg poetry published by Sivuvalo project in Helsinki.

Translations of Niillas Holmberg poems into Spanish were made from English translations by Daniel Malpica.

Translations of Inger Mari Aikio poems into Spanish were made from Finnish translations by Zoila Forss and Roxana Crisólogo.

The printing of this book was made as part of an internship program between Sivuvalo and  Stadin ammattiopisto, a professional school of design, printing and visual arts.

We have also to thanks to FILI – Finnish Literature Exchange that support translations.

The event will be conducted by local writers with the participation of the authors.

Cultubar Hostería La Bota Oficial
23th October | 19:00 hrs.
San Jerónimo 40, Centro Histórico
Mexico City.

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