Hamdam Zakirov


Hamdam Zakirov (Uzbekistan, 1966) studied at the St. Petersburg High School of Navy Engineers, and atTashkent and Fergana Universities.He worked as a playwright, literary researcher, and journalist in Uzbekistani and Russian newspapers and magazines.
He lived in Moscow for 7 years and relocated to Helsinki in 2001. 

Fergana,Zakirov’sfirst book of poems, was published in 1996 (St. Petersburg, Mitin).Translations of his works have appeared in Estonian (Vahimadrus kaugel merest,Kite, 2014), Finnish (Kaukana mereltä. Reunamerkintöjä Kavafisiin. Transl. Jukka Mallinen. ntamo, 2016), and Italian (Maracanda, LietoColle, 2019). Zakirov’s last Russian-language poetry book, Doslovno (2018) was published by NLO in Moscow. His poems and articles have been published in many countries and translated into more than ten languages.

Read a selection of poems by Hamdam Zakirov translated from Russian into Spanish by Rodrigo García Bonillas. 

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