Sivuvalo aim to promote a synergy with Finnish literary institutions and cultural policy makers to cast light on the representation of diverse literature as a matter of equality.

Satakieliklubi – Live Poetry Night at Vuotalo 21.3.2015

Satakieliklubi 21.03.2015 was an experimental and multilingual poetry night in Voutalo, eastern Helsinki, and it was the closing event of Satakielikuukausi festival. The night brought a variety of international writers performing among two excellent Colombian musicians; the projection of a Video-Poetry Series created in a workshop in collaboration with Hack Your Heritage Festival at Aalto […]


AFO PUB: Poetry interventions in eastern Helsinki pub’s

AFO PUB was a series of multilingual poetry interventions and aphorism workshops in eastern Helsinki bars developed in collaboration between Sivuvalo, Stoa, Humak University of Applied Science and Helsinki Poetry Connection. Poets: Roxana Crisólogo, Kasper Salonen (host) and Daniel Malpica Musician: Sergio Castrillón (cello) Aphorism Workshop: Antti Pelttari Places: Mopo Baari (Kontula), Aapelin Baari (Kontula), […]