Säkeenkaari – Introducing Multilingual Poetry in Finland project presents poets working in non-Finnish and Swedish languages ​​and their production in both mother tongue and Finnish to established audiences and communities of poetry events in different localities.

The poets’ performances are planned in collaboration with the coordinators of poetry clubs in different towns around Finland so that the club’s program forms a context, where the performance of the poet and presentation of the translations would function as an organic part.

In addition to promoting multilingual Finnish poetry, the project aims to support translation and expand the general field of poetry so that poets of different languages ​​become equal members of Finnish poetry community.

Within the framework of the SäkeenKaari project, a tripartite cooperation model will be created, in which poets, translators and poetry clubs would work in equal cooperation. Poems and translations are utilized both as publications and as part of a database of texts designed by Sivuvalo Platform ry.

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Project coordinator: Polina Kopylova.
Thanks Taiteen edistämiskeskus! for the support.