Panel 3: Platforms, Havens, Breeding Grounds. Literary Multilingualism in the Nordic Countries


Date: Saturday August 20th, 16:00-17:00 at Rosebud Sivullinen (Kaisaniemenkatu 5, Helsinki)

Participants: Petronella Zetterlund (Sweden), Roxana Crisólogo (Finland)
Moderator: José Luis Rico
Language: English

During the last decade, multilingualism and literary hybridization in Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden have presented a specific set of opportunities and challenges. Translation, cultural promotion, and multilingual advocacy have become critical tools in the construction of new literary circuits that aspire to diversity and cosmopolitanism. NOXLit members Roxana Crisólogo and Petronella Zetterlund have endeavored to build cross-border networks of artistic cooperation in the region. The hurdles of language, social divides, and the pressures of the free market render this a complex task. The panelists will address these bridge-building experiences and the future of literature in the Nordic countries.