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ROAĐĐI – ROSA BOREAL is a poetry compilation of contemporary Sámi poetry of  Inger-Mari Aikio y Niillas Holmberg in three languages (Sámi-Spanish-English) published by Sivuvalo project in Helsinki.

Translations of Niillas Holmberg’s poems into Spanish were made from English translations by Daniel Malpica.

Translations of Inger Mari Aikio’s poems into Spanish were made from Finnish translations by Zoila Forss and Roxana Crisólogo.

The printing of this book was made as part of an internship program between Sivuvalo and  Stadin ammattiopisto, a professional school of design, printing and visual arts.

We thank Kone Foundation for supporting the project and FILI – Finnish Literature Exchange for supporting the translations produced for this publication.

How to get the book

  • Send a message titled “Roaddi – Rosa boreal” to
  • In the message field, write ‘Roaddi’ and your name and post address
  • Pay 18 € + 3€ for the delivery costs of to the account:
    FI27 1014 3500 2422 72
  • take a screenshot of the payed invoice and send it to the same mail and you will get the book within max. two weeks.Thank you for your collaboration.

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam. We wish to purchase a copy of Roaddi – Rosa Boreal. Price 23 Eur including p&p. Please advise if we can purchase and pay online by credit card.
    Kind regards.
    Jill Ebzao, Purchased Monographs. British Library.


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